Best shopping cities in Europe

Is travelling across Europe to shop your thing? If so, listen to what influencers have to say about the top shopping destinations in Europe – fashion sales in London and Paris, and the trendiest spots in Amsterdam and Berlin. Read on and find inspiration for your next trip!




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If this is your first time in London, your first stop should be the world-famous department store Harrods, with 330 departments on 7 floors. Diana Kubasova loves to visit London just before Christmas when store displays turn into works of art.

World-famous department store Harrods in London

Oxford Street is a great choice for shopping – you can spend days on end there. You’ll find more than 300 stores for all tastes, but the top choice for teens is Primark and Topshop.

In London go to Oxford Street - more than 300 stores

For an extravagant retail therapy, head to Bond Street – this is where all the world-famous designer stores are featured. Even if your pockets are not lined with cash and you have no intention of splurging on anything, this street makes a great walking route, as it seems that the store displays try to outdo one another in terms of splendour.

Bond Street in London with the world-famous designer stores

After a long shopping session, traditional afternoon tea is in order. It is served at top-quality hotels, like The Dorchester, Clarige’s, The Goring, The Savoy and others. Just note – a large selection of sweet and savoury snacks will be served with the tea, so you’d better arrive hungry.

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Paris as shopping destination
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Printemps is one of the largest department stores in Paris. It has everything – from men’s, women’s and children’s fashion to shoes, makeup and other bits, including home decor – in essence, all you might ever need from tons of brands.

Plus, there’s a surprising restaurant with an outdoor terrace on the top floor.

Printemps is one of the largest department stores in Paris

There are loads of stores of all kinds along the long shopping street Rue Monmartre.

For those into books, the famous Shakespeare & Company is a must. It’s a small, but very well-known bookstore with endless amounts of reading material in English and French.

If you are into books, Shakespeare & Company in Paris is a must for you

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Magna Plaza - gorgeous shopping mall in Amsterdam
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Amsterdam is diverse. It has all of the mass market stores with the best collections created for the European market. The stores are large – for instance, H&M and Zara take up at least four to five floors in their central locations. There’s Primark and other stores, which are not available everywhere in Europe. In Amsterdam, you’ll find cheap stores that sell unusual and colourful designs.

In Amsterdam you will find all mass market stores

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There are countless boutiques that sell local designs in Amsterdam. These are not major brands, but they make trendy and valuable things. Of course, style variations are not in short supply. Minimalistic fashion is sold in a store with minimalistic interior. It’s down to the tiniest detail!

The great thing is that shopping and sightseeing are easily combined. The stores are lined up next to one another, so you can enter and exit them, try something on, shop for a while, sit down, have a meal, take a picture, have a look at the landmarks and keep shopping.

In Amsterdam you will find ountless boutiques that sell local designs

Copy by Sofia Kralow


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One of the top shopping destinations is Berlin
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Berlin is one of the top destinations in terms of shopping. Fashion addicts can find the freshest designer gems at unbeatable prices, and those looking for a wardrobe change can buy reasonably priced good quality designs.

Photo on visit Berlin

When to go?
Seasonal sales take place twice a year:
– mid-January to early February
– mid July to early August

Pro tip:  don’t plan your shopping spree on a Sunday, as everything is CLOSED on Sundays in Germany.
If your trip to Berlin does not fall during the seasonal sales, but you need a makeover, you can still get a good deal, as high quality items are much cheaper here than in other places in Europe.



Top spots to shop:


The main shopping street in Berlin. You’ll find everything from popular fashion chains like Zara, Mango, H&M to exclusive brand stores, various outlets and good quality active wear stores.

The main shopping street in Berlin - Kurfürstendamm

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Mall of Berlin

The largest shopping mall in Berlin with about 300 stores. Both budget travellers and those looking to buy something from Armani, Karl Lagerfeld of Tommy Hilfiger will find what they’re looking for.

Shopping in mall of Berlin

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Designer Outlet Berlin

Outlet village in Berlin

A true shopping paradise for serious shoppers. It has more than 90 world famous brand stores featuring the latest fashion trends and discounts up to 70%.

Designer Outlet Berlin is located outside Berlin, so head to Designer outlet Berlin to book a seat on the free transfer.

Copy by Anete Ilmete un Gita Ozoliņa, more information about holidays in Berlin.


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