Best beaches in Europe

Let’s stop and dream for a minute – imagine a beach with turquoise blue water, the sun caressing your face, and a warm wind playing in your hair.

It would be incredible to be there right this second and feel the grains of sand between your toes, and listen to the peaceful waves crashing against the shore.

Let us show you the best beaches in Europe, that are worth visiting this summer!


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Dubrovnik, Croatia

The most popular beach in dubrovnik is Banje

The most popular beach Banje is a central hotspot, great for a refreshing dip in the Adriatic Sea after a long stroll through the old town.

A trip to Sveti Jakov might be worth it to get away from a crowded beach

Beware though; many people get this genius idea in July and August, so a trip to Sveti Jakov a few kilometres away might be worth it; the locals say it’s one of the best beaches in the vicinity.

A twenty minute walk will deliver you to a pebbled beach to lay your towel on; alternatively, catch the bus No. 5 or 8.

Get to your dream beach in Dubrovnik

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The beach has a half-moon shape and a view of the old town walls; note that it’s quite a climb to get to the beach, but there’s a restaurant and a bar right on the shore.

Explore the nearby islands well; ferries run every few minutes, and you can start with one of the few sandy beaches, the Sunj beach on Lopud Island.

On the islands, you’ll be surrounded by pine forests, cliffs and peace – the trip will be worth it.


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Olbia, Italy

Beaches in Olbia will stun visitors with white sand and crystal-clear water
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When you arrive in the city of Olbia in the North of Sardinia, the first item of business is pizza for lunch and then a nice swim in the sea.

Begin with the 1.5 km long Le Vecchie Saline beach, which is perfect for fans of windsurfing and kite boarding.

It’s located five kilometres from the airport, so your last swim before heading home might be right there!

The first part of Le Saline beach is reserved for dog owners

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Tavolara Island sits a little to the south, and it’s worth a visit: rock climbers will love the granite and limestone cliff which is more than 500 metres tall.

A ferry to the island runs from Porto S. Paolo, 15 km from Olbia.

Take a few hours to explore the island and then relax at the splendid Spalmatore di Terra beach; sea daffodils grow in the sand, while the rocky stretch is covered in wild rosemary.

Relax at the splendid Spalmatore di Terra beach

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A bit more to the south, 24 km from Olbia to be precise, you’ll find the Lu Impostu beach, which means “the place of departure”.

The Lu Impostu beach is the right place for diving lessons

There might have been a port once, but now it belongs to nature and holidaymakers – this is the right place for diving lessons, and kids will love playing among the wild lilies.


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Larnaca, Cyprus

Finikoudes beach you will find at the city's centre

The golden sand beach Finikoudes lies in the very heart of the city, and a well-equipped promenade with tall store buildings with cosy cafes run right next to it.

The huge palms are said to have been planted in 1922, but a rented parasol will be a better guard from the sun.

Enjoy walking on palm-lined promenade in Larnaca

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Just outside the city lies the Yanathes beach, which is great for snorkelling and is a safe playground for kids; lifeguards watch over it in the summer at all times.

The 2 km long beach has a volley ball court and a water sports centre with kayaks, SUP boards and water-bikes.

Yanathes beach is a great place for snorkelling

For those looking for a bit of peace and quiet, Meneou is a good choice, situated near Larnaca International Airport; pets are welcome there too.


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Athens, Greece

In Athens, for a beach day, you will have to go beyond its borders

There aren’t any beaches in the city, so you’ll have to take a trip beyond its borders.

Athenians always head out of the city on weekends, so save lounging in the hot sand for the weekday; that way, you won’t have to share the sea with others.

For a luxurious day by the beach in Athens, go to Astir

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Astir is a luxury place with parasol and lounge chair pre-orders available; plus, it has a fast wi-fi, and its bars serve cocktails in all colours of the rainbow.

There’s a price to pay though – the entrance fee is 25 euro on weekdays and 40 euro on weekends as it’s surrounded by luxury hotels.

Even Barack Obama spent the night at Astar Palace!

The Kape beach will ensure a magical swim

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On leaving the suburbs and the hotels behind, there’s a beautiful 35 km long road to the south of the peninsula. Beaches are everywhere!

The Kape beach will ensure a magical swim – white sand, crystal clear water and rough cliffs will make you feel as if you’re on a lonely island.

Not far from Athens Internationals Airport you’ll find the Artemis beach; the sea is very shallow there so the water warms up quickly and you can go for a swim even in April.


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Malaga, Spain

Playa de la Malagueta is a favourite beach among locals in Malaga

Playa de la Malagueta is a favourite among locals and tourists alike; after lounging under the palm trees take a picture by the famous Malagueta sign and follow your nose – the smell of grilled fish means dinner!

Go to Playa Peñón del Cuervo to snorkel

On leaving the city, pass the old fishing villages and head straight to Playa Peñón del Cuervo; there are no bars or restaurants, so the locals grill meat and fish themselves as at designated grilling spots with tables and benches.

There’s a huge stone in the water in the very middle of the beach, so you’ll bring back impressive photos from your holiday.

Playa de la Carvajal beach is with darker sand and a calmer sea

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A train ride will take you to Playa de la Carvajal with darker sand and a calm sea.

Lifeguards patrol the beach, and its blue flag flies proudly.


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