Everything you need to know about a weekend getaway in Tampere

Picture yourself in a boat on a lake surrounded by the pure beauty of nature and accompanied by gourmet food and excellent wine. Sounds like a dream, right? But in Tampere, it becomes a reality!

Even if you’re in town for only a short time, Tampere’s soothing northern charm will rejuvenate you before returning to everyday life. There’s plenty of things to do and see in Tampere year-round.

This picturesque city located between two vast lakes in southern Finland is known for its cultural attractions, serene nature, hipster vibes, and a record-breaking number of public saunas.

If you’re spending a weekend in Tampere, we’ve put together a guide for how to get the most out of it.


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Best things to do in Tampere

Discover the Finlayson factory area

Sooner or later, an exploration of Tampere inevitably ends up in the Finlayson factory area. Founded by the Scotsman James Finlayson in 1820, the Finlayson cotton factory was once one of the most important industrial companies in the Nordic countries.

Today, the Finlayson area houses offices, restaurants, cafés, shops, and museums.

The Finlayson factory area in Tampere houses offices, restaurants, cafés, shops, and museums

Photo by Atacan Ergin on visit Tampere

Explore the extravagant architecture near the Finlayson factory buildings.

Established in 1848, Wilhelm von Nottbeck Park is a landscape-style park originally built by and named after the owner of the Finlayson factory. The area is a typical example of a factory manager’s private garden, and it has remained a cohesive whole up to the present day.

The Neorenaissance-style mansions of the factory managers are also a sight to behold.

Wilhelm von Nottbeck Park - a part of the Finlayson factory

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere



Explore the must-see museums

Discovering the rich tapestry of Tampere’s cultural and historical heritage is an immersive journey that begins within its exceptional museums.

Make sure to visit Työväenmuseo Werstas, a museum centre in the heart of the Finlayson area.

It specialises in work life, labourers, and social history and is free of charge. Explore the new main exhibition, titled ‘Yhteisvoimin’ (Together), and learn about industrialisation and the city’s history.

Also, marvel at the impressive steam engine in the Steam Engine Museum. It’s an absolute must-visit for history and heritage enthusiasts!

Työväenmuseo Werstas specialises in work life, labourers, and social history

Photo on Tripadvisor

Don’t miss the Milavida Museum, which offers a charming journey into Finland’s aristocratic Von Nottbeck family.

Step back into the 1800s and explore their splendid life and valuable collection of art, furniture, and jewellery. The beautifully restored spaces provide a unique glimpse into aristocratic life.

Beyond the captivating time-travel experience, Milavida serves as a vibrant cultural centre with events, exhibitions, a café, and a museum shop.

Enjoy a journey into Finland’s aristocratic Von Nottbeck family at the Milavida Museum

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere

Want to feel both local and global? The Finnish Museum of Games, located in Tampere’s Vapriikki Museum Centre, is Finland’s first museum dedicated to games.

It showcases the history of gaming, including video, computer, board, and role-playing games. The museum’s 400 square metres house a collection of a hundred games, with sixty of them available for visitors to play.

Each gaming room represents a different era, providing a unique, immersive, and comprehensive look at the country’s gaming culture.

Explore gaming rooms that represent different eras at the Finnish Museum of Games

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere



Secure your spot for the rooftop tour

The Roof Walk, for its part, offers a unique and thrilling way to explore Tampere from a different perspective.

Two different routes on the rooftops of the city include stunning sights and fascinating stories about local history. From iconic viewpoints to central squares, the adventure immerses visitors in Tampere’s rich heritage and charm.

It’s an unforgettable experience that creates lasting memories and a newfound appreciation for this captivating Finnish city.

Enjoy the Roof Walk for a unique and thrilling way to explore Tampere

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere



Enjoy a true Finnish sauna experience

Consider ending a long day of adventure with a visit to a sauna.

With more than 55 public saunas, Tampere offers a diverse range, from traditional smoke saunas to modern bathing centres. If you don’t know which one to choose, sign up for Saunakonkeli’s steam tour guided by renowned Finnish sauna experts Matti and Juha.

At the Periscope enjoy the rooftop sauna and view of the stadium from the jacuzzi

Photo (Periscope sauna) by Laura Paronen on visit Tampere

Whether it’s a lakeside sauna, Finland’s oldest public sauna, a smoke sauna, or an ice-swimmer community sauna, Saunakonkeli will tailor the tour to your löyly preferences.

Urkin Piilopirtti is one of the many lakeside saunas in Tampere

Photo (Urkin Piilopirtti) by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere



Soak in the live music and events scene

In addition to being the sauna capital of the world, Tampere is also known as the Finnish capital of events.

Tavara-asema is a historic venue in the city and is known for hosting exciting music gigs and events. Its diverse lineup caters to a variety of musical tastes and features local bands as well as renowned artists.

The venue’s impressive building adds to the unique experience. Check its upcoming events and conveniently buy tickets online.

Tavara-asema is known for hosting exciting music gigs and events in Tampere

Photo by Miikka Varila on Instagram


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Best shopping places in Tampere

Buy Finnish design classics

Finland is well known for its unique Nordic design; therefore, it’s mandatory to bring some traditional goods back home!

Miela is a sustainable-consumption store in Tampere that offers Finnish design from nearly a hundred different local brands.

The two-storey boutique includes products for women, men, children, and the home. It also has an online store serving customers all over Finland.

Upstairs, Miela Preloved features second-hand treasures.

Miela is a store in Tampere that offers Finnish design from local brands

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere



Find a souvenir for every taste

Speaking of nostalgia, the lively area of Tallipiha near Wilhelm von Nottbeck Park and Finlayson Church cannot go unnoticed.

This historical courtyard now houses boutique shops selling decorative items, crafts, chocolate, and coffee products. Families will also enjoy the playground and domestic animals.

Tallipiha hosts various events throughout the year, making it an exciting destination. Even without shopping, the charming ambience, delicious treats, and friendly animals make for a delightful atmosphere.

The boutique shop of the historical courtyard Tallipiha

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere



Go on a hunt for local design

Remember to also check out DesignOnTampere, a comprehensive map that brings together the most intriguing specialty shops, eateries, and galleries in Tampere.

With this handy local guide, you can easily find your way to the featured establishments.

Then, explore the diverse and unique offerings of Tampere’s local businesses, and indulge in the vibrant culture and creativity that the city has to offer.

DesignOnTampere is your key to unlocking the hidden gems and unforgettable experiences that await you in Tampere.

If you are looking for souvenirs from Tampere, go to the Taito shop

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere



Taste local delicacies

Tampere Market Hall, for its part, is the biggest indoor market in the Nordic region. Located on Hämeenkatu Street and with more than 30 vendors, it offers high-quality products and friendly service.

The market is renowned for its local produce, including fish, meat, cheese, and vegetables, as well as various specialty items such as gluten-free, organic, and international delicacies.

Visitors can also enjoy a variety of cafés and restaurants in the market hall.

While you are in Tampere, for local fresh products, go to Market Hall

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere


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Best restaurants in Tampere

Best pasta in Tampere

The new PSTA restaurant, located in a century-old wooden house, offers excellent pasta in a leisurely atmosphere.

With a focus on high-quality dishes, PSTA features a variety of fresh and dry pasta with flavourful sauces, including gluten-free and vegan options. The menu also includes appetisers, desserts, and carefully selected drinks.

PSTA has quickly become a favourite spot for food enthusiasts.

PSTA restaurant offers excellent pasta in a leisurely atmosphere

Photo on Instagram



Best dinner in Tampere

If you’re looking for something relaxed yet adventurous, try Nonni in the Tammela district.

The restaurant provides a delightful and flexible dining experience with a focus on seasonal ingredients. The open-minded spirit and unpretentious atmosphere make Nonni a noteworthy dining destination.

Nonni restaurant provides a delightful and flexible dining experience with a focus on seasonal ingredients

Photo on Tripadvisor



Best pizza in Tampere

Pulcinella Ristorante is an authentic Italian restaurant in Tampere’s city centre focusing on genuine Italian flavours and respect for Italian culinary traditions.

The stone pizza oven from Italy cooks dishes to perfection, while the delightful atmosphere and surroundings complement the hearty food.

Taste pizza from the stone oven at authentic Italian restaurant Pulcinella Ristorante

Photo on Tripadvisor



Best brunch in Tampere

For lunch or brunch, head to Café Laikku in Tampere’s city centre.

Here you’ll find avocado toast and waffles as well as an altogether peaceful atmosphere. Café Laikku serves diverse brunches all week long with table service, allowing customers to create their own delicious brunch from a lovely selection of foods.

Café Laikku in Tampere serves diverse brunches all week long

Photo on Café Laikku



Best bakery in Tampere

Situated near Tampere Hall and Sorsapuisto Park, Café Puusti is an artisan bakery known for its soft, freshly made cinnamon and savoury rolls.

It uses organic wheat flour, Finnish butter, and real Ceylon cinnamon, and all of its buns and rolls are lactose-free, making this a great place for an authentic Finnish bakery experience with high-quality treats.

At Café Puusti, enjoy an authentic Finnish bakery experience

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere



Best waffles in Tampere

Vohvelikahvila is a charming and idyllic café near Tammerpuisto and Tammerkoski. Housed in a century-old stone building, it has been serving wonderful waffles for over three decades.

Here you’ll find sweet as well as savoury waffles, including options for lactose-free, gluten-free, and vegan preferences.

With its rich history and delicious offerings, Vohvelikahvila is a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike.

Vohvelikahvila serves the best waffles in Tampere

Photo on Tripadvisor


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Best bars in Tampere

Top spot for cocktails in Tampere

Located in Tampere’s city centre on Hämeenkatu, Plate offers a relaxed atmosphere and delicious food. Whether for a leisurely dinner or just a drink, this restaurant welcomes all.

Definitely try the ‘Seltzer with a Twist’ cocktail, which is a refreshing blend of strawberry, rhubarb, and mint.

Restaurant Plate offers a relaxed atmosphere and delicious food

Photo on Instagram



Best Asian bar in Tampere

Funky Woo Asian Street Food & Bar offers Asian street food with a contemporary twist in Tampere’s city centre.

It features a year-round enclosed terrace, a delicious drinks menu, and an ambience reminiscent of Asian metropolises.

At the Funky Woo bar, you will find a delicious drinks menu

Photo on Instagram



Best sky bar in Tampere

Moro Sky Bar features stunning panoramic views of Tampere’s lakes. The mood here is perfect for a relaxed gathering with high-quality cocktails.

It’s a welcoming meeting place for all: residents, visitors, friends, and strangers alike!

Stunning panoramic views of Tampere from the Moro Sky Bar

Photo by Aki Rask on visit Tampere


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Cover photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere

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