6 things to do with kids in Tampere

Dubbed as the ‘the Manchester of Finland’, the former industrial centre of Finland, Tampere has turned into a family-friendly place: loads of welcoming shops and cafés housed in the charming old red-brick factory buildings, a handful of parks and beaches – all accessible within a walking distance.

Just pack the stroller and enjoy the holidays with your little ones!


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Meet Moomins

Step into the world of the kind-hearted Moomins and their friends at Moomin Museum.

Fantastically detailed models of the scenes from the iconic Moomin books, original artworks made by the famous Finnish artist and author Tove Jansson and a guide through the inspiring life story of the writer – the museum will fascinate children as well as adults.

Moomin Museum will fascinate with detailed scenes from the book

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere

The Moomin Museum resides in Tampere Hall, the largest conference and concert centre in the Nordic countries, located just a stone throw away from the railway station.

Moomin Museum - art museum for Moomin fans and art lovers of all ages

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere


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Enjoy Finnish sauna

Tampere is known as a ‘sauna city’ because of its many public saunas.

A great public sauna called Rauhaniemi is located on a nice family beach about two kilometres from the city centre.

Rauhaniemi in Tampere is a nice family beach with a public sauna

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere

In the summertime you can rent a paddle board and go supping on lovely Näsijärvi Lake.

The Rauhaniemi sauna is also open in winter, when you can go ice swimming in the lake or roll in the snow like the crazy Finns do!

Public saunas culture in Tampere is popular all year round

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere


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Be amused

Särkänniemi is the best amusement park in Finland

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere

Lauded as the best amusement park in Finland, Särkänniemi offers a variety of rides, from easygoing carousels to fierce rollercoasters.

The park also includes an aquarium, a planetarium, and big themed areas like Angry Birds Land and Doghill Fairytale Farm with handcrafted wooden buildings, playgrounds, and real farm animals.

In Särkänniemi challenge yourself and experience fierce roller coasters

Photo by visit Tampere


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Feed the curiosity

Try some of the pinball games at the Finnish Museum of Games

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere

Vapriikki museum centre is the perfect destination for a rainy day, since all of the mayor museums are housed here: The Natural History Museum of Tampere, the Rupriikki Media Museum, the Mineral Museum, the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, the Doll Museum, the Postal Museum, and the Finnish Museum of Games.

Vapriikki museum centre is located in an old factory hall

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere

Vapriikki is located in an old factory hall on the banks of the Tammerkoski Rapids, about half a kilometre from the city centre.


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Ride a skateboard

Today skateboarding in Finland is as popular as ever and Tampere is the centre of the skateboarding scene.

The city has the best facilities to skate all year round. For instance, the indoor skate park Kenneli D.I.Y. which has the biggest indoor concrete bowl in Finland or Iso-Vilunen skate park located on top of an old landfill in Tampere.

A 360-degree view opens from the park to the surrounding landscape, giving the park its great atmosphere.

In Tampere, you will find active skateboarding open parks


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Visit the island

Have your own Robinson Cruso experience and take a boat from Laukontori Harbour and sail to Viikinsaari Island.

Spend time out off Tampere City and enjoy nature on the Viikinsaari Island

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere

With a beautiful trail, several playgrounds, mini golf, volleyball courts, a beach and sauna – the island is a fitting venue for a family day out in the fresh air.

Forgot the picnic basket? No worries, there is also a restaurant here!

The boat to Viikinsaari Island leaves hourly from Tampere and takes 20 minutes

Photo by Laura Vanzo on visit Tampere

The Finnish Silverline boat leaves hourly. The trip takes 20 minutes.



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Cover photo by Marko Kallio on visit Tampere

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