Come and enjoy Riga’s food scene!

Riga’s food scene definitely stands out.

It has plenty to offer gourmets looking to become acquainted with Latvia’s traditional cuisine as well as places for those just looking for a stylish breakfast spot.


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Monterosso is Riga’s restaurant of Italian cuisine

Photo on Monterosso

Monterosso is Riga’s restaurant of choice for fine Italian cuisine and wine.

Located in a unique building dating back to the early 20th century in the heart of Riga’s Old Town, Monterosso recently marked its 20th anniversary, which is a great accomplishment for a restaurant in Riga.

Monterosso was the first establishment in town serving first-rate Italian cuisine and a superb Italian all-star wine list.

This is exactly what the restaurant continues to do, attracting lovers of classic Italian cuisine and fine wine.

Vaļņu iela 9, Riga



Mediterranean Restaurant Riviera in Riga

Photo on Riviera restorans

The Riviera restaurant has been around for almost a decade, during which it has become a must-visit place for locals as well as guests to the city.

Riviera is still one of the prime spots for locals to dine out and relax.

Refined Mediterranean cuisine, a classy atmosphere, and excellent service in everything – these are the things that best describe this gem in Riga’s Quiet Centre.

Dzirnavu iela 31



Barents restaurant is a place to celebrate special life events

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Barents is a refined seafood restaurant with one of the widest selections of fresh fish and seafood in all of Riga.

Fresh sea urchins and langoustines, a wonderful selection of oysters, wagyu beef tartare, and a drinks menu specially paired with seafood – find all of this and more at Barents.

For the widest seafood menu visit Barents restaurant

Photo on Instagram

Smilšu iela 3


Fish House Brasserie de Luxe

Luxury brasserie Fish House Brasserie de Luxe stands out with its concept

Photo on Instagram

Fish House Brasserie de Luxe stands out with its concept of casual gourmet dining and atmosphere reminiscent of a French brasserie, which is precisely why it has been able to win the hearts of Rigans.

While in Riga, for breakfast go to the Fish House Brasserie de Luxe_

Photo on Instagram

For many, a Saturday morning in Riga is incomplete if it doesn’t include going out for breakfast at Fish House and trying at least one of its 12 different dishes made with organic eggs.

Skolas iela 29



Visit Koya restaurant and dine with view to river Daugava

Photo on Instagram

For more than seven years, Koya has welcomed guests in one of the prettiest areas of central Riga – the Andrejsala area on the banks of the Daugava River.

For this reason, one of Koya’s most visible symbols is its glazed terrace, which happens to be open all year round and is a great place to enjoy unusual flavour combinations and uniquely served dishes.

Andrejostas iela 5k-15



Twenty-five years is a long time for a café in Riga, especially considering the fact that nothing much has really changed at Osiris.

Still under the same name, location, and character, the café also serves the same authentic dishes as it has for years.

Café Osiris is one of the constant and everlasting things that shape Riga

Photo on Facebook

Café Osiris is one of the most constant and everlasting phenomena in Riga and is a must-visit for creative minds as well as people who appreciate authenticity.

Krišjāņa Barona iela 31


The Catch

Visit The Catch if you want to enjoy some of the best Japanese food in Riga

The Catch is one of those Riga restaurants where reservations are definitely recommended if you want to enjoy some of the best Japanese food in the city.

In the restaurant Catch you can put together your own sashimi plate

Photo on Instagram

One of the favourites on its menu is the bluefin tuna and tuna belly, which is not only the softest and most expensive part of the fish but also a true delicacy on the Baltic restaurant map.

Antonijas iela 12-19



If you want to taste authentic Latvian dishes, then Lido is the best place for that

Photo on Instagram

Lido calls itself Latvian cuisine’s ambassador to the world.

For the past 33 years, the restaurant has welcomed both locals and tourists looking for authentic Latvian flavours.

Its wide range of dishes and waitstaff dressed in Latvian folk costumes continue to delight guests every day.

There are several Lido restaurants in Riga, but on Krasta iela you’ll find the Lido Leisure Centre, which offers all kinds of fun activities and events for children as well as adults.



The Mīkla is a bakery and breakfast spot in Riga
Photo on Instagram

The Mīkla bakery and breakfast spot is a new place on Riga’s restaurant map.

It focuses on freshly baked sweet sourdough bread made with slowly fermented natural yeast – the oldest bread in the world.

In Riga enjoy coffee and freshly baked pastries in Mīkla bakery

Photo on Instagram

In addition to excellent homemade bread, Mīkla also offers one of the tastiest breakfasts in the city as well as the freshest, flakiest cardamom buns.

Dzirnavu iela 42


Max Cekot

Max Cekot Kitchen offers a fine dining experience with a ten-course tasting menu

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Located on Jelgavas iela, an industrial street in Riga that’s lined with factories and storage facilities, Max Cekot Kitchen is the first restaurant in Riga to serve a tasting menu only and is open three evenings a week, from Thursday to Saturday.

Max Cekot Kitchen offers a fine dining experience with a ten-course tasting menu.

Restaurant Max Cekot a discovery for gastronomic enthusiasts

Photo on Instagram

It’s a discovery for gastronomic enthusiasts and people searching for new experiences and sensations in Riga.

Jelgavas iela 42, Riga



Katkevich in Riga serves breakfast all day long

Katkevich is located in the so-called Moscow Suburb near central Riga – a place that is developing along with the times but nevertheless retains a strong feeling of authenticity.

Just as authentic are the coffee and foods served at Katkevich, which include homemade sourdough bread and breakfast all day long.

Visit Katkevich for freshly baked sourdough bread

Photo on Instagram

Don’t miss the scrambled eggs on a slice of sourdough bread; it’s said to be one of the best foods in the city.

Lāčplēša iela 114


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