The most romantic destinations for couples

Looking for inspiration for your next romantic getaway?

And while Paris is always a good idea, it’s worth considering some other idyllic destinations, too.


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Travel to Rome - one of the world's most romantic cities

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With ancient heritage, balmy southern weather, aperitivos, and hour-long dinners consisting of incredible plates of cacio e pepe, tiramisu, and Italian wine – the Eternal City will captivate even the least romantic travellers.

You can't go wrong with pizza in its birthplace Rome

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Take a stroll over the Ponte Sisto bridge, marvel at the wealthy papal estates of the Vatican and the Colosseum, catch a serene sunset on Aventine Hill, and don’t forget to flip a coin into the Trevi Fountain – for that return visit.

Flip a coin into the Trevi Fountain – for that return visit

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The world’s largest ancient castle complex you can visit in Prague
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With the iconic Charles Bridge, the palatial grounds of Prague Castle – dubbed the world’s largest ancient castle complex – and countless cobbled courtyards and alleys for getting a little lost, the Czech capital provides tons of serene backdrops for leisurely strolls.

Take a walk to Prague's old city, there you will find breathtaking sights and delicious food

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At the same time, the architectural landmarks, such as the incredible St. Vitus Cathedral and Art Nouveau gems, will give you loads of content for conversations over a glass of the best beer in the world.

Prague can be your next most romantic destination

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In Vienna, you don’t need to plan a date; the city does it for you

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Admire the fairytale-like imperial heritage in the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace, and marvel at Klimt’s The Kiss at Belvedere before hopping into a horse-drawn carriage and going for a slice of Sachertorte in one of Vienna’s elegant coffee houses.

Vienna is well known for its desserts, so a must-try is a slice of Sachertorte

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Then catch a ballet at the Vienna State Opera House and end the night with loads of wine from Viennese vineyards.

In Vienna, you don’t need to plan a date; the city does it for you.

Alternatively, consider sprucing up your dance moves with waltz lessons.

Vienna is one of the most romantic destinations all year round

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In Barcelona explore the fabled Sagrada Família

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Explore the fabled Sagrada Família and other masterpieces by Antonio Gaudí.

Kiss in the alleyways of the Gothic Quarter, have a picnic at the Bunkers del Carmel with the whole city at your feet, or schedule a Catalonian wine tasting.

While in Barcelona, find time to see the most famous see sights

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Barcelona has one of the most exciting gastronomical scenes in Europe, so it would be a shame not to celebrate your love with a Michelin-starred meal.

Get a cocktail at one of the city’s speakeasies to round out the evening.

Enjoy the sun, cocktails and Michelin starred restaurants while you are in Barcelona

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