Taste of Riga: the best restaurants, street food, and wine bars

Whether you’re into traditional Latvian cuisine, fine dining, stylish breakfast spots, or vibrant markets, this city has it all.

Recently, it’s even gained recognition from Michelin, highlighting its commitment to top-notch dining experiences.

A dish from Max Cekot Kitchen - the first restaurant in Latvia that got Michelin-star

Photo source: Max Cekot Kitchen

From savoury pastries and local specialties to innovative dishes and fresh market finds, Riga’s food options are diverse and delicious, making it a must-visit for those who love food of all kinds.



A Michelin-starred restaurant in Riga

Max Cekot

Despite its unexpected location in the industrial outskirts of Riga, this culinary gem has earned Latvia’s first Michelin star.

Nestled within a former wood processing factory, the establishment is a testament to chef Max Cekot’s visionary artistry. From the innovative interior design to the exquisite cuisine, every aspect reflects his creative genius.

Prepared table for two at the Max Cekot Kitchen restaurant

Photo source: Max Cekot Kitchen

Cekot’s avantgarde techniques beautifully showcase the bounty of locally sourced ingredients and the essence of Latvian cuisine. He even frequently puts the finishing touches on dishes right at the table, creating a truly immersive dining experience.

The ten-course seasonal tasting menu is perfectly matched by sommelier Uldis Grigalis’ award-winning wine pairings.

Max Cekot Kitchen is the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Latvia

Photo source: Max Cekot Kitchen

Jelgavas iela 42


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Romantic restaurants in Riga


Nestled next to the vibrant flora of Vērmanes Garden, Whitehouse offers an elegant setting for romantic dining in Riga.

Inside, a stylish dining room with living walls serves modern European dishes with subtle Asian influences, creating a theatrical dining experience.

A stylish dining room with living walls at the restaurant Whitehouse

Photo source: Tripadvisor

As night falls, the restaurant transforms, offering dazzling desserts, intriguing cocktails, and a captivating ambience that beckons guests to linger.

In warmer weather, don’t miss the allure of the terrace overlooking the park, which provides added charm.

Enjoy a meal at the Whitehouse restaurant terrace with a view of Vermanes garden

Photo source: Tripadvisor

On Friday and Saturday evenings Whitehouse hosts live music nights.

With its recent recognition by Michelin, the restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience that combines exquisite flavours, artistic presentation, and a charming setting.

Tērbatas iela 2




Under the guidance of chef Raimonds Zommers, this city-centre restaurant delivers an intimate yet remarkable culinary voyage. Thoughtfully priced and refreshed twice yearly, the menu guarantees a novel and captivating dining adventure every time.

Zommers exhibits his culinary finesse by creating modern dishes that showcase premium local and seasonal ingredients, meticulously prepared with artistic flair and presented with delightful twists to tantalise diners’ taste buds.

Restaurant Entresol offers modern dishes that showcase premium local and seasonal ingredients

Photo source: Entresol

Entresol offers two distinct atmospheres to accommodate diverse dining preferences: a charming vintage lounge and a sleek, minimalist space.

Whether you seek a cosy ambience or a contemporary setting, this restaurant listed in the Michelin Guide effortlessly caters to varied moods and tastes, thus elevating the overall dining experience.

Tables at the Entresol - a small restaurant in the centre of Riga city

Photo source: Entresol

Elizabetes iela 22




Situated in Riga’s captivating Art Nouveau district, Riviera is a treasured gem adored by locals seeking a romantic getaway or a place to celebrate an important moment.

The spacious dining area reflects a Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, seamlessly blending French, Spanish, Italian, and Greek culinary influences.

Restaurant Riviera reflects a Mediterranean-inspired cuisine

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Diners can delight in a diverse array of dishes, from succulent fresh oysters and decadent tartare to flavourful seafood and expertly cooked steaks, concluding with classic desserts such as tiramisu.

Portions are generous and complement the restaurant’s extensive wine collection, which features over a thousand global selections.

Enjoy a classic dessert - tiramisu at the restaurant Riviera

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Riviera’s inviting atmosphere, mouthwatering cuisine, and impressive wine list have earned it recognition from the Michelin Guide, solidifying its status as a must-visit destination for an unforgettable dining experience.

Dzirnavu iela 31




Located next to lush Viesturdārzs Park, John is an integral part of the stylish A22 hotel and proudly listed in the Michelin Guide.

The restaurant emanates an elegance reminiscent of John F. Kennedy, its namesake who stayed in this building in 1939.

The entrance to the restaurant John in Riga

Photo source: Instagram

Guests can marvel at the painstakingly restored original Art Nouveau décor while savouring one of the restaurant’s meticulously crafted dishes.

John’s menu boasts a distinct European flair that evolves with the changing seasons, with a special focus on showcasing the finest seafood during peak periods.

Restaurant John’s menu boasts a special focus on showcasing the finest seafood

Photo source: Instagram

Whether diners enjoy the opulent ambience indoors or the scenic views of the park, John promises a memorable culinary experience that pays homage to history as well as gastronomic excellence.

Ausekļa iela 22




This chic Italian spot featured in the Michelin Guide is a favourite among locals for its outstanding aperitivo list and delectable fresh pasta dishes.

The lively ambience is enhanced by a trendy interior and relaxed soundtrack that elevate the vibrant dining experience.

Restaurant Snatch is a favourite among locals for its outstanding fresh pasta dishes

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Staying true to its Italian roots, Snatch boasts an impressive selection of Italian wines on its drink list.

Additionally, its extensive menu of bespoke cocktails adds a creative twist to traditional Italian liquors and spirits, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and flavourful dining experience.

At the restaurant Snatch, you will find an extensive menu of bespoke cocktails

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Elizabetes iela 39


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Restaurants with a view in Riga


Situated on Ķīpsala Island on the left bank of the Daugava River, the Fabrika restaurant offers picturesque views of the historical city centre.

Its name pays homage to the building’s origins as a former gypsum factory, now transformed into a modern and chic apartment complex. The interior exudes elegance and relaxation complemented by tasteful industrial accents.

Restaurant Fabrika with a view of the Daugava River and Riga's port terminal

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Fabrika’s kitchen specialises in hearty yet refined dishes that appeal to a wide range of palates. From succulent mussels in a white wine sauce to a juicy Wagyu beef burger and creamy mushroom risotto, there’s something to satisfy every diner’s cravings.

Restaurant Fabrika offers a wide range of dishes to satisfy every diner’s cravings

Photo source: Tripadvisor

During the warmer months, guests can enjoy dining al fresco on the restaurant’s floating terrace, adding a touch of charm to an already delightful dining experience.

Balasta dambis 70



Stage 22

Overlooking the stunning National Opera House, this upscale rooftop restaurant and bar is the perfect spot for pre- and post-show dining.

Situated within the luxurious five-star Kempinski hotel right next to the Old Town, Stage 22 boasts a menu infused with Asian flavours.

Stage 22 is a restaurant and bar with a terrace overlooking the Latvian National Opera

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Alongside the exquisite food selection, guests can choose from a range of creative and customised cocktails, adding an extra touch of elegance to their cultural night out.

Alongside the exquisite food selection, guests at Stage 22 can choose from a range of creative and customised cocktails

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Aspazijas bulvāris 22



Aqua Luna

Located in the trendy Andrejosta area, Aqua Luna is a seasonal hotspot that attracts a stylish crowd, especially on weekends, when it evolves into a lively nightlife destination with local and international DJs.

Aqua Luna is a seasonal hotspot located in the trendy Andrejosta area

Photo source: Tripadvisor

The menu mirrors the trendy ambience, highlighting seafood delights alongside a variety of earthy flavours. Notably, Aqua Luna has earned recognition from the experts at the Michelin Guide.

Restaurant Aqua Luna highlights seafood delights alongside a variety of earthy flavours

Photo source: Instagram

After savouring the delicious dishes, guests can unwind on the terrace that gracefully extends towards the river.

Skilled bartenders are on hand to craft inventive cocktails that are perfect to either conclude the evening in style or kick off the night with flair.

Andrejostas iela 5 k-5


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Old Town restaurants in Riga

3 Chefs

At 3 Chefs, a Michelin-recognised gem nestled in Riga’s Old Town, the culinary skills and mastery of chefs Mārtiņš Sirmais, Ēriks Dreibants, and Pāvels Skopa come together to deliver an exceptional dining experience.

Cauliflower and Jerusalem artichoke dish at the Three Chefs restaurant

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Renowned among the best restaurants that Riga’s Old Town has to offer, this venue showcases the chefs’ innovative touches with ingredients such as North Atlantic scallops and Latvian pike perch.

Restaurant Three Chefs showcases the chefs’ innovative touches with local ingredients

Photo source: Tripadvisor

For a complete gastronomic adventure, opt for the six-course set menu.

Torņa iela 4




Being mentioned in the Michelin Guide is a perfect reason to spend an evening at Neiburgs in the Old Town, and this restaurant lives up to its reputation.

Located on the ground floor of the boutique hotel with which it shares a name, Neiburgs presents a refined yet relaxed dining atmosphere.

Restaurant Neiburgs is located on the ground floor of the boutique hotel

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Indulge in expertly prepared classics, such as fried duck breasts and Latvian-bred beef entrecote steak, made using locally sourced ingredients from the nearby Riga Central Market as well as imports from overseas.

Fish dish served at the restaurant Neiburgs in Riga's Old Town

Photo source: Facebook

Jauniela 25/27



Le Dome

Wander through the cobbled streets of the Old Town to discover Le Dome, which is housed in a 400-year-old landmark building within a boutique hotel.

This restaurant, which is also mentioned in the Michelin Guide, is a seafood lover’s paradise, offering fresh and modern interpretations of dishes containing international influences but focusing on the finest catches from the Baltic Sea.

Le Dome restaurant is a seafood lover’s paradise, offering fresh and modern interpretations of dishes

Photo source: Dome Hotel

Captivating paintings by Latvian artists adorn the restaurant’s walls, adding to the artistic charm.

In summer, make sure to visit the rooftop terrace for breathtaking views of the enchanting rooftops of the Old Town, creating an unforgettable dining experience in a historical and picturesque setting.

Le Dome restaurant rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of the enchanting rooftops of the Old Town

Photo source: Dome Hotel

Miesnieku iela 4


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Grill and steak restaurants in Riga


Tauro is a distinguished grill restaurant in Riga that has been recognised by the Michelin Guide.

Located in the newly constructed Zunda Towers, it specialises in exceptional steaks cooked with expertise, ranging from grilling to roasting.

Restaurant Tauro specialises in exceptional steaks cooked with expertise, ranging from grilling to roasting

Photo source: Tripadvisor

This culinary haven carefully sources high-end beef from renowned cattle regions worldwide, including Japan, Australia, and Spain.

Guests can witness the preparation of their meal before their eyes, enhancing the dining experience.

Witness your meal preparation at the restaurant Tauro

Photo source: Tripadvisor

To complement your steak, Tauro offers a curated selection of wines, with a particular focus on red wines that excel in enhancing the flavours of the dishes.

Raņķa dambis 30



Chef’s Corner

Indulge in a Michelin Guide-worthy steak experience at a top Riga restaurant. The warm and inviting service at this glamorous brasserie sets the stage for a memorable gastronomic journey.

Meat aficionados will delight in the selection of premium steaks sourced from top regions such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States, including standout cuts like the famed Tomahawk.

Enjoy standout Tomahawk cut steak at a top Riga restaurant - Chef’s Corner

Photo source: Tripadvisor

But Chef’s Corner isn’t just for steak lovers; its menu caters to diverse palates with options ranging from tartares and oysters to burgers and pastas.

Vegetarian delights, such as the flavourful smoked eggplant, ensure that every guest can find a dish to relish.

Dessert at the restaurant Chef’s Corner

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Jeruzalemes iela 5



Hereford Shop and Kitchen

Hereford Shop and Kitchen is a meat lover’s paradise featuring a unique concept store dedicated to gourmet beef and steaks.

With an open kitchen for an immersive dining experience, Hereford offers succulent burgers and a variety of meat-centric dishes. Discover Latvia’s finest beef and sought-after steaks from renowned regions including Argentina and Australia.

Hereford Shop and Kitchen is the place where to enjoy tasteful dishes and buy exceptional steak meat

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Owner Jesper Holm, a passionate meat enthusiast, provides expert advice and recommendations. Additionally, the store offers a curated selection of wines and fine ingredients to elevate your culinary creations at home.

Krišjāņa Barona iela 45/47


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Asian fusion restaurants in Riga


Tucked away in the charming Quiet Centre district of Riga, this trendy yet cosy ramen spot has earned recognition in the Michelin Guide. Named after a type of soy sauce, Shōyu offers authentic Japanese flavours.

Start your culinary journey with delightful appetisers such as yakitori or tataki before diving into one of the ten varieties of ramen, each crafted from rich broths and homemade noodles.

Enjoy one of the ten varieties of ramen at the trendy yet cosy ramen spot - Shōyu

Photo source: Tripadvisor

The menu also features succulent rice bowls and inventive cocktails that further celebrate Japanese cuisine.

Ausekļa iela 20




Step into the refined elegance of COD, a Japanese culinary gem acclaimed by the Michelin Guide.

Begin your experience in the captivating basement bar, where innovative Japanese-inspired cocktails await.

Try Japanese-inspired cocktails in the restaurant COD

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Then, ascend to the timber-framed dining area above to relish a menu brimming with delightful sushi, crispy tempura, and the unique flavours of robata-grilled specialties, including the irresistible sweet miso black cod.

Delightful sushi from a Japanese restaurant in Riga - COD

Photo source: Tripadvisor

To end on a sweet note, don’t miss out on the indulgent mochi ice cream for a memorable finale to your dining journey.

Tērbatas iela 45



The Catch

Elevate your sushi experience at this basement Japanese gastropub/izakaya on Dzirnavu iela.

Enjoy a range of fresh sashimi, nigiri, rolls, tempuras, and robata-grilled delights. The poke bowls at this establishment surpass all mall-counter versions.

Enjoy a range of fresh sashimi at the Japanese gastropub The Catch

Photo source: The Catch

Despite The Catch’s compact size, the place is vibrant. Sit at the bar for a lesson in sushi rolling or, if you prefer, at a table by the restored brick wall.

Stay longer to savour fresh cocktails with flavours such as lychee, kombucha, basil, and yuzu.

Antonijas iela 12


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Local flavour restaurants in Riga


Featured in the Michelin Guide and nestled in Riga’s Quiet Centre, Ferma offers a culinary experience celebrating modern Latvian cuisine.

The concise à la carte menu showcases dry-aged beef, local fish, and international delights such as oysters and scallops.

A dish from assorted sea products at the restaurant Ferma

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Choose the chef’s table to witness chef Māris Astičs’ culinary artistry or enjoy the summer terrace with lush views of Viesturdārzs Park. The chef particularly champions local fish, elevating the familiar to extraordinary levels.

Valkas iela 7




Experience the local flavours that have earned recognition in the Michelin Guide at Milda, a go-to destination in Riga.

Named after the figure atop the Latvian Freedom Monument in the Old Town, this restaurant is a beacon of authenticity, blending traditional Latvian and Lithuanian dishes with a contemporary twist.

Restaurant Milda is a great choice where to try Latvian and Lithuanian national dishes in Riga

Photo source: Tripadvisor

From Latvian pelmeņi to Lithuanian cepelinai, the cuisine here pays homage to lesser-known Baltic flavours, all served with warm and welcoming hospitality.

Kungu iela 8




When asking locals for recommendations on affordable, traditional dining, Lido is often their top choice.

This buffet-style Riga restaurant is renowned for its homestyle Latvian fare, with multiple locations throughout the city. However, the outpost on the corner of Vērmanes Park stands out as the most iconic.

Lido is a buffet-style Riga restaurant that offers a traditional Latvian menu

Photo source: Tripadvisor

All Lido locations offer an extensive selection of dishes at budget-friendly prices, making it a beloved spot for residents and visitors alike.

Elizabetes iela 65


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Seafood restaurants in Riga


Located in Riga’s Old Town, Barents is a top-notch seafood restaurant known for its modern and intricate menu, especially its specialties sourced from the Barents Sea. Dishes are presented on ice, enhancing the dining experience.

What makes Barents a hidden gem recognised even by Michelin is its cocktail and seafood bar next door. Don’t miss the seafood platter, which features a delightful array of flavours, along with tasty snacks such as crab broth and dumplings.

The seafood platter from a top-notch seafood restaurant Barents

Photo source: Tripadvisor

The fish burger is another highlight one shouldn’t miss during a visit to Riga.

Complementing the exquisite dishes is a wine list curated by acclaimed sommelier Raimonds Tomsons, earning Barents the esteemed title of Best Restaurant for Wine Lovers in the Baltic Countries in 2023.

Smilšu iela 3




Featured in the Michelin Guide, Tails offers two unique dining experiences: a traditional dining room and an interactive Chef’s Table at the raw-bar counter.

With a tail-to-gill approach, the restaurant showcases a fish drying room and creates its own ceviches and cured fish specialties.

The shellfish platter is exceptional, and daily specials frequently feature unconventional choices.

The restaurant's Tails cuisine’s speciality is implementing the Dry-Aging process

Photo source: Tails

To add a touch of opulence to your meal, consider pairing it with a bottle of champagne.

The interior at Tails is inspired by the coastline of the Baltic Sea, creating a captivating setting for a memorable dining experience.

The interior of the restaurant Tails is inspired by the coastline of the Baltic Sea

Photo source: Tails

Antonijas iela 6a



Zivju Lete

Located on vibrant Dzirnavu iela, this charming brasserie exudes a maritime vibe with its timber cladding and sea-inspired murals reminiscent of a ship’s cabin.

Restaurant Zivju Lete's interior are sea-inspired murals reminiscent of a ship’s cabin

Photo source: Tripadvisor

The menu pays homage to the ocean’s treasures, offering a wide array of seafood favourites, local catches, and international delights.

From tartares to mussels, and from cod burgers to grilled octopus, the menu has something for every seafood enthusiast.

Seafood platter from restaurant Zivju Lete

Photo source: Tripadvisor

For an unforgettable dining experience, indulge in the sumptuous seafood platter, which showcases the best of what Zivju Lete has to offer from the depths of the sea.

Dzirnavu iela 41


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Kid-friendly restaurants in Riga


This Italian gem in central Riga embraces the Italian tradition of bringing loved ones together and is perfect for family dining.

Spanning two levels, Italissimo offers a blend of refined dining and the cosy comfort of a neighbourhood trattoria, all served by welcoming staff.

For the children, there’s a spacious game room in the basement with a slip-and-slide and a ball pit, ensuring endless fun and entertainment.

Spacious game room on the basement floor at the restaurant Italissimo

Photo source: Instagram

The extensive menu is as generous as an Italian nonna’s table, featuring a variety of carpaccios, tartares, and burrata served six ways. You can also choose from a selection of freshly made pasta dishes, delicious pizzas, and creamy risottos.

The restaurant Italissimo offers delicious Italian food

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Baznīcas iela 27/29




Located in the heart of Riga’s Sporta 2 creative quarter, Zefīrs is a popular hangout for stylish young families in the city.

With the motto “pizza and insouciance”, it’s particularly alluring in the summer season, when its outdoor seating becomes a sought-after retreat for alfresco drinks.

Go to Zefīrs to enjoy outdoor seating, delicious pizzas, and unusual appetisers and drinks

Photo source: Instagram

The space features urban design elements, including artwork by local street artist Kiwie.

On the menu, classic pizzas are complemented by inventive appetisers such as pumpkin chips and four-cheese poutine, enhancing the dining experience at Zefīrs.

Sporta iela 2



Mr. Bunny Kitchen

Situated next to the Galleria Riga shopping centre, this family-friendly café exudes a touch of Wes Anderson’s pastel-hued whimsy.

It specialises in breakfast and lunch, offering nutritious options such as quinoa porridge and green-packed omelettes until 4:00 p.m.

Mr. Bunny Kitchen specialises in breakfast and lunch, offering nutrition and energizing meals

Photo source: Tripadvisor

The energising lunch menu, available from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m., complements a busy takeaway counter filled with fresh salads, sandwiches, and healthy snacks for those on the go.

Dishes are served on charming bunny-eared plates, ensuring that even the youngest guests leave with a smile on their faces.

Dzirnavu iela 63


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Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Riga

Mazā Terapija

This delightfully simple dining room on charming Baznīcas iela has become a favourite of vegans and omnivores alike for its affordable and nutritious business lunch that changes daily.

Taste vegan cakes and pastries from Mazā terapija in Riga

Here you’ll find a plant-based twist on Latvian comfort classics such as soļanka soup and traditional karbonāde as well as international dishes like kebab bowls, burgers, and mushroom risottos. Seasonal specials add a dash of novelty to the offerings.

Go to restaurant Mazā Terapija for vegan and vegetarian dishes in Latvia

Photo source: Facebook

To complement your meal, there’s also a good selection of local beers and refreshing lemonades.

Baznīcas iela 15




MiiT in Riga is a beloved spot for creatives and is known for its communal tables and superb coffee customised to your preference, with options including V60, Chemex, and Aeropress.

The breakfast menu features freshly baked bread, croissants, nutty muesli, pancakes, and omelettes, creating a delightful start to the day.

MiiT coffee offers freshly baked pastries every day

Photo source: Facebook

For lunch, MiiT offers a diverse and ever-changing selection to keep things exciting. In the evenings, diners can enjoy a variety of hearty vegetarian dishes such as cauliflower wings, vegan Caesar salads, and taco bowls.

Enjoy a variety of hearty vegetarian dishes at the MiiT coffee

Photo source: Facebook

If you’re searching for a fantastic brunch spot in Riga, MiiT’s abundant weekend buffet is a surefire winner, catering to both plant-based eaters and omnivores, ensuring everyone leaves satisfied and content.

Lāčplēša iela 10


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Street food in Riga

Street Pizza

Nestled on a verdant corner next to the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, this joint is renowned for its extraordinary Neapolitan pizzas, attracting locals from across the river and beyond. During the warmer months, diners can enjoy the stunning view of the church from tables set out on the sidewalk.

Recognised as one of the top 50 pizzerias in Europe, Street Pizza is celebrated for its dedication to the art of pizza-making.

Street Pizza in Riga is recognised as one of the top 50 pizzerias in Europe

Photo source: Instagram

In addition to its acclaimed pizzas, the menu includes a selection of excellent antipasti, a well-considered wine list, and heavenly tiramisu.

Street Pizza menu also includes an excellent tiramisu

Photo source: Instagram

The ambience inside is light and welcoming, making it the perfect setting for a memorable night out.

Meža iela 4a



Boo/The Burger

When it comes to burgers in Riga, this fantastic spot is unmatched. Its burgers are crafted with freshly ground, wet-aged Latvian beef served on a glossy potato bun with fresh veggies and melty, gooey American cheese, making them the epitome of a perfect burger.

When it comes to burgers in Riga, Boo The Burger is the fantastic unmatched spot

Photo source: Tripadvisor

In addition to the stellar burgers, Boo’s drink menu stands out with a variety of options that go beyond the typical offerings found at burger joints. Boo/The Burger celebrates the perfect pairing of bubbles and burgers with homemade kombuchas, natural wines, IPAs, and even champagne, elevating the overall dining experience.

Dzirnavu iela 31



Space Falafel

Nestled in a semi-basement on Antonijas iela, Space Falafel captivates with cool tunes and irresistible Middle Eastern flavours. Indulge in the smooth textures of hummus and baba ganoush accompanied by freshly baked pita and other Eastern specialties.

Space Falafel captivates with cool tunes and irresistible Middle Eastern flavours

Photo source: Facebook

The ambience is casually chic, boasting vaulted ceilings, exposed brick walls, and plush velvet chairs that attract a stylish clientele.

As the evening unfolds, the atmosphere becomes more dynamic, with DJs spinning vinyl records under the warm glow of low-hanging lamps.

The menu offers an array of small plates that are perfect for sharing and are designed with a visual flair that’s sure to enhance your Instagram feed.

Antonijas iela 8


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Pastries and breakfast in Riga


Nestled in Riga’s beautiful Quiet Centre, Mulberry exudes refined elegance that mirrors the delicate pastries and cakes displayed in its glass showcases.

Mulberry’s breakfast menu incorporates touches of Latvia and French cuisine

Photo source: Tripadvisor

The space is adorned with soft teal and brass accents and features plush velvet seating and marble tabletops for Parisian ambience in Riga.

Each pastry at Mulberry is a miniature masterpiece, showcasing the artistry and skill of its dynamic team of young chefs and bakers.

A miniature masterpiece pastry from Mulberry bakery in Riga

Photo source: Facebook

In addition to traditional French offerings like oeuf royal, Mulberry’s breakfast menu also incorporates Latvian touches with dishes such as cottage-cheese pancakes, offering a unique blend of flavours and influences. It’s a place where every detail is carefully crafted for a memorable breakfast.

Ausekļa iela 14



Better Bread

Located at the west end of Dzirnavu iela, this charming bakery is dedicated to crafting top-notch gluten-free bread from scratch.

Founded by Sergei and Alena, who share a passion for artisan bread and coffee, Better Bread follows FODMAP principles, avoiding animal proteins and unnecessary additives. Its selection of breads includes quinoa sourdough loaves and rice-flour baguettes, all made with organic leaven and flour.

Better Bread is a charming bakery which offers top-notch gluten-free bread from scratch

Photo source: Facebook

The commitment to quality extends to the coffee as well, featuring specialty roasts from Da Matteo in Gothenburg.

For those with a sweet tooth, there’s a delightful selection of canelés, cardamom buns, brownies, and cookies to indulge in.

Gluten-free poppyseed-chocolate-pastry from Better Bread in Riga

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Dzirnavu iela 31



Mr. Fox

Discover the perfect breakfast spot in Riga’s vibrant Quiet Centre at Mr. Fox.

This beloved eatery caters to health-conscious Rigans with a menu brimming with nutritious options, from smoothie bowls and shakshukas to oatmeal and vibrant lunch plates such as Buddha bowls and veggie-packed stir fries.

Nutritious smoothie bowl from a breakfast restaurant in Riga - Mr.Fox

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Whether you prefer to savour your meal at a table beside the palm-printed wall in this cosy establishment or opt for a quick takeaway from its well-stocked fridge, Mr. Fox has you covered.

Dzirnavu iela 34a


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Specialty coffee in Riga

Rocket Bean Roastery

A trailblazer on Riga’s specialty coffee scene since 2013, Rocket Bean Roastery offers meticulously crafted brews at three locations across the city.

From its roastery café on Miera iela to inviting outposts on Dzirnavu iela and in the Jaunā Teika district, patrons can enjoy exceptional coffee alongside delicious sandwiches and a concise breakfast and lunch menu.

Enjoy exceptional coffee alongside delicious pastry at the Rocket Bean Roastery

Photo source: Instagram

Ideal for relaxation as well as work, Rocket Bean promises a supreme coffee experience in every cup.

Miera iela 29/31

Dzirnavu iela 39

Gustava Zemgala gatve 74a




For exceptional coffee, make sure to visit Kalve’s coffee spots, which are renowned for their sleek, minimalist design and status as native specialty coffee roasters.

Kalve is a Latvian native speciality coffee roaster

Photo source: Instagram

Not only do they roast their own beans, but they also feature an in-house bakery that delights patrons with fresh, locally-sourced sandwiches and pastries that change with the seasons. For example, indulge in the exquisite pastéis de nata, which rival those found on the streets of Lisbon.

Discover Kalve’s inviting cafés on Stabu, Baznīcas, and Miera streets as well as its charming counter in the Āgenskalns Market.

Stabu iela 38

Baznīcas iela 13

Miera iela 19

Nometņu iela 64




This warm yet minimalist bakery on Dzirnavu iela is the perfect pit stop for a quick breakfast.

Kick-start your morning with a cup of specialty coffee sourced from the local Kalve roasters and treat yourself to freshly baked pastries. From classic pain au chocolat and cardamom buns to unique delights like apple-caramel tarts, the selection at Mīkla caters to all tastes.

Don’t miss out on its irresistible almond croissants, which are a true crowd-pleaser.

Mīkla Bakery is known for its irresistible almond croissants

Photo source: Tripadvisor

If you’re craving something savoury, Mīkla also offers a range of snacks and ready-made sandwiches.

Dzirnavu iela 42


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Cocktail bars in Riga

Gimlet Nordic Cocktail Bar

Sitting on a picturesque corner of Baznīcas iela, Gimlet burst onto Riga’s cocktail scene in 2018 and sparked a revolution in mixology.

Crafted by renowned mixologists Edgars Grišulis and Ilmārs Munkevics, Gimlet is a testament to the artistry of cocktails.

The menu reflects a deep appreciation for seasonality and local ingredients, showcasing a dynamic array of drinks infused with Nordic flavours such as quince, rhubarb, and hemp, often sourced from local foraging trips or nearby farmers.

The Gimlet Nordic Cocktail Bar menu reflects Latvian seasonality and local ingredients

Photo source: Gimlet Nordic Cocktail Bar

The ambience at Gimlet mirrors the bar’s innovative spirit, blending Nordic elegance with a cosy and inviting atmosphere to create the perfect setting to savour its masterfully crafted cocktails.

Baznīcas iela 37




Located in the Grand Poet Hotel near the Freedom Monument, Snob offers an elegant cocktail experience.

Enjoy meticulously crafted cocktails adorned with flower petals and macaroon accents in a sophisticated setting.

During the sunny season, guests can enjoy their cocktails in the serene, relaxing courtyard.

During the sunny season, enjoy your cocktail at the Snob bar relaxing courtyard

Photo source: Instagram

For those seeking sustenance, the menu tantalises with refined dishes such as smoked eel, gourmet pizzas, and succulent black beef rib-eye steak, ensuring a culinary journey that complements the luxurious ambience of the bar and restaurant.

Raiņa bulvāris 6




Perched atop the Galleria Riga shopping centre, this concept bar and café boasts interiors reminiscent of a lush greenhouse. It’s the perfect setting for a relaxing sundowner cocktail, offering panoramic views of the city from the welcoming terrace.

The welcoming Herbārijs terrace reveals a panoramic view of Riga city

Photo source: Tripadvisor

The culinary offerings here are inspired by gardens as well, with expertly crafted cocktails designed to delight your taste buds.

When hunger strikes, indulge in a selection of cocktail-bar favourites including duck croquettes and yuzu-infused salads alongside a curated menu featuring mains such as trout fillet and halloumi.

Expertly crafted cocktails from the rooftop bar & cafe Herbārijs

Photo source: Herbārijs

Herbārijs promises a wonderful fusion of botanical-inspired drinks and delectable dishes against a stunning urban backdrop.

Dzirnavu iela 67


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Wine bars in Riga

Noble Wine

Located in a stunning Art Nouveau building on Elizabetes iela, Noble Wine has become the go-to spot for wine aficionados in the city.

Recognised with top honours at the Baltic Wine & Drinks Awards, it has been lauded as the best wine bar and shop in the Baltic countries and for offering the best value for money in Latvia.

Noble Wine Bar offers a wide selection of meticulously curated wines and an exquisite selection of delights

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Boasting an impressive collection of more than 500 meticulously curated wines, Noble Wine also features a team of passionate experts eager to assist you in finding the perfect bottle. Additionally, the in-store bar provides an exquisite selection of delights crafted to complement the rich flavours of the wines.

Elizabetes iela 33



Vīna studija

Vīna Studija is a beloved destination for local wine enthusiasts, exuding a relaxed ambience and timeless charm.

Adorned with artwork by local talents and featuring large windows for picturesque views of Riga’s lively streets, it provides the perfect setting for enjoying a glass of chilled white wine amidst the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

Vīna Studija provides the perfect setting for enjoying a glass of wine amidst the city’s vibrant atmosphere

Photo source: Tripadvisor

The menu at Vīna Studija highlights international flavours and a lavish selection of antipasti, thoughtfully curated to complement the extensive wine collection.

Whether you’re in the mood for a cosy evening or a lively gathering, Vīna Studija guarantees a delightful experience that seamlessly blends fine wines, delectable cuisine, and the dynamic energy of the city.

The menu at Vīna Studija highlights international flavours to complement the extensive wine collection

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Elizabetes iela 10




Lowine is Riga’s premier destination exclusively dedicated to low-intervention wines. Its cellar showcases a curated selection of natural wines from artisanal producers that are paired with a concise food menu crafted from local ingredients.

Ideal for leisurely mornings, Lowine serves breakfast and coffee until 4 p.m., featuring favourites like eggs Benedict on brioche complemented by a well-considered list of breakfast bubbles.

Eggs Benedict on brioche complemented by a well-considered list of breakfast bubbles at Lowine

Photo source: Tripadvisor

In the evenings, guests can indulge in à la carte dishes with a Nordic twist that are expertly paired with exquisite low-intervention wines, all served in an intimate, softly lit setting.

Additionally, Lowine hosts a shop where you can purchase your favourite bottles to enjoy at home.

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Food courts and markets in Riga

Āgenskalns Market

Discover delightful souvenirs and the essence of local flavours at Āgenskalns Market.

This historic market, which dates back to 1898 and is the largest market on the left bank of the Daugava River, underwent a thorough restoration from 2018 to 2022. The result is a sleek, impressive pavilion housing approximately 70 food vendors and showcasing a wide array of seasonal harvests and innovative produce.

Impressive Āgenskalns Market pavilion houses approximately 70 food vendors and 15 cafes

Photo source: Āgenskalns Market

Venture upstairs to find 15 or so cafés and bars offering an international smorgasbord, from Italian specialties to Asian delights.

Additionally, the market hosts weekly flea markets on Sundays, thus adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

Nometņu iela 64




Burzma Food Hall is an ideal dining destination catering to groups with diverse tastes and offering a plethora of culinary options to satisfy every craving.

With ten restaurants under one roof, Burzma offers a culinary journey ranging from traditional Latvian pork chops to tangy Georgian khachapuri, tender bao buns, and a variety of enticing vegan dishes. Not to be overlooked are the delectable sushi, pizzas, and handcrafted cocktails.

With ten restaurants under one roof, Burzma offers a culinary journey with a wide range of choices

Photo source: Instagram

Situated on the fourth floor of the Galleria Centrs shopping mall, Burzma offers a dining experience with breathtaking panoramic views of Riga’s Old Town.

Burzma offers a dining experience with breathtaking panoramic views of Riga’s Old Town

Photo source: Instagram

The culinary delights are complemented by an exciting programme featuring DJ sets, tastings, and masterclasses, ensuring an immersive and memorable dining experience for all visitors.

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Beer tasting in Riga


Known for its ‘pagan brews’, Labietis attracts local beer enthusiasts as well as visitors to the city. With an impressive selection of 70 unique beer varieties, each colour-coded by genre, Labietis has been at the forefront of the Latvian craft beer scene since its establishment in 2014.

Beyond being a brewery, it also serves as a welcoming bar where guests can enjoy tours, tastings, or simply relax with a chilled glass of their favourite brew.

Labietis is Latvian craft beer with an impressive selection of 70 unique beer varieties

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Located in the lively Aristida Briāna Quarter, which in summer is a bustling hub of activity, Labietis is an integral part of a vibrant community that includes the M/Darbnīca music venue and the charming C. C. von Stritzky Villa.

Whether you’re a beer aficionado or just looking for a great place to unwind, Labietis offers a unique and inviting experience in Riga’s dynamic cultural landscape.

Aristīda Briāna iela 9a



Nurme Brewery

Nestled in the heart of the thriving Avotu iela neighbourhood, Nurme Brewery stands as a craft beer paradise with its own dedicated taproom.

At the core of Nurme’s charm is its bar, which showcases 12 varieties of freshly brewed beer, each with its name elegantly written in chalk on the blackboard above.

Nurme Brewery at the bar offer 12 varieties of freshly brewed beer

Photo source: Nurme Beer

Since its inception in 2016, Nurme has been captivating patrons with its innovative and daring creations. Imagine beers infused with distinctive notes of pine buds, almonds, cocoa, mountain ash, and even pumpkin, all waiting to be savoured.

Whether you prefer to enjoy a pint on site in the cosy taproom or take your favourite brews to go, Nurme Brewery offers an unforgettable experience for beer enthusiasts seeking something truly special.

Vagonu iela 21



Valmiermuiža Beer Embassy

Beloved among Latvian beer connoisseurs, Valmiermuiža beer originates from the Valmiera region located a 1.5-hour journey northeast of Riga.

The brand has made a mark in the capital with its Beer Embassy, which is a heaven for beer aficionados conveniently situated within walking distance of Labietis, making it a perfect addition to any bar-hopping adventure.

Visit Valmiermuiža Beer Embassy to taste locally crafted beers with snacks

Photo source: Tripadvisor

At the Beer Embassy, visitors can immerse themselves in a vast array of over 180 Latvian microbrewery products, including ciders and wines, for a comprehensive exploration of local craft beverages.

Additionally, Valmiermuiža has a presence in Āgenskalns Market, further extending its reach and accessibility to beer enthusiasts in Riga.

Aristīda Briāna iela 9a

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Cover photo source: Burzma
Text by Ilze Vītola

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