Discover Riga in June: A Traveler’s Guide to Events and Culture

In the Latvian capital Riga, June is the perfect time to enjoy a variety of exciting events. The city buzzes with sunny energy, offering plenty of options for sports lovers, festival-goers, and culture enthusiasts.

And, of course, the highlight of the month is the Midsummer celebrations, where you can experience the magic of the Summer Solstice with traditional music, dance, and festive bonfires.

In this blog, you’ll find a detailed guide to the most anticipated events and experiences this June in Riga. Let’s dig in!


Riga in July:


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Festival highlights in Riga

June is the perfect time to start celebrating summer with music, food, and of course, festivals!

No matter if you’re looking for a fun day event with friends or a classy night at the opera, you’ll find it all in Riga.



Riga Gin Festival

Date: June 8

It’s time to raise your glasses to the Gin Festival in Riga! This event celebrates gin through tastings, masterclasses, and cocktail-making sessions, and is a must-attend for both gin aficionados and casual enthusiasts.

Riga Gin Festival features a comprehensive map of gins from around the world

Photo source: Facebook

Here you’ll be able to discover the diverse world of gin, sample unique local and international brands, and perhaps even learn a new cocktail recipe or two. Plus, non-alcoholic gin options will be available for those who prefer an alcohol-free alternative.

Ready to toast to the beginning of summer?



Holi Music Festival 2024

Date: June 8

Get ready to immerse yourself in colours and music at the Holi Music Festival 2024. This event is inspired by the Indian festival of colours, combining high-energy performances from top DJs with bursts of coloured powder.

Holi Music Festival combines high-energy performances from top DJs with bursts of coloured powder

Photo source: Live Riga

Held in Wondersala, a performance and event venue by the river Daugava in the heart of Riga, it’s the perfect occasion to dance, celebrate, and enjoy the lively atmosphere with friends.

With food stalls, live entertainment, and interactive activities, it’s a great event for all ages.



Riga Opera Festival 2024

Date: June 22–30

Experience the elegance and charm of the Riga Opera Festival 2024! It’s a premier cultural event held at the prestigious Latvian National Opera.

Fragment of the Ballet show Antonija Silmači in Latvia National Opera

Photo by Andris Tone, Latvijas Nacionālā Opera un Balets

From June 22nd to 30th, you can enjoy a lineup of performances featuring classic as well as contemporary masterpieces. This festival features international stars and new talents, highlighting the best of opera.

If you’re an opera enthusiast or curious to visit for the first time, the festival promises unforgettable evenings of sublime music and breathtaking performances.


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Midsummer activities in Riga

Midsummer, known as “Jāņi” in Latvia, is celebrated on June 23 with bonfires, folk songs, dances, and feasts to mark the longest day of the year. It’s a cherished event that every Latvian eagerly anticipates.

Līgo Midsummer’s Night Celebration is one of the celebration's richest traditions in Latvia

Photo source: Latvia Travel

If you’re visiting Riga in late June, be sure to join in the various events and experience the vibrant Midsummer spirit.



Summer Solstice at the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum

Date: June 20

Celebrate the magic of the Summer Solstice at the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum! This event offers a unique opportunity to experience traditional Latvian customs in a beautiful historical setting.

Traditional Summer Solstice at the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum

Photo source: Latvijas etnogrāfiskais brīvdabas muzejs

Participate in traditional crafts, sample authentic Latvian cuisine, and join in the festive atmosphere as the community comes together to welcome the longest day of the year.

One of the Latvian traditional Summer Solstice foods is caraway cheese

Photo source: Live Riga



Midsummer market in Old Town

Get in the Midsummer mood at Riga’s Old Town Market in Dome Square!

Dive into Latvian traditions and explore stalls filled with handmade cheeses, smoked meats, and freshly baked bread. Or, you can also buy traditional souvenirs and enjoy lively folk music performances.

Experience Latvian traditions enjoying lively folk music performances at the Midsummer market in Riga's Old Town

Photo source: Live Riga

This festive market offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the joyous spirit of Latvia’s Midsummer celebration. It’s an accessible mix of local culture and community in a delightful setting right in the heart of the city.



Ligo and Summer Solstice Festival in Riga

Date: June 23

Embrace summer solstice, the most Latvian holiday steeped in pagan traditions! The festivities include warming up around bonfires, playing games, and enjoying traditional rituals until sunrise.

You’ll find lively folk music and dance performances throughout Riga and other regions of Latvia, making it a night to remember.

One of the Latvian summer solstice traditions is to create a crown using meadow flowers

Photo source: Instagram

Don’t miss out on making oak leaf crowns, tasting homemade caraway cheese, and perhaps even jumping over a bonfire to rid yourself of burdens!


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Sports and outdoor leisure

There’s no better time than summer to enjoy outdoor activities in Riga.

Are you ready to play a round of golf, disc golf, or solve puzzles in a city-wide game?



Golf near Riga

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a pro, you’ll be able to put your skills to the test on some of Latvia’s picturesque golf courses. Conveniently, the top 3 courses – Ozo Golf Club, Viesturi Golf Course, and Jurmala Spa & Hotel – are all located just outside Riga.

Ozo Golf landscape from above

Photo source: Ozo Golf

And after the round, don’t forget to stop by hole 19 for some light-hearted fun and a well-deserved refreshment.



airBaltic Disc golf park in Mežaparks

During your stay in Riga, visiting airBaltic’s very own disc golf park in Mežaparks is a must-have. Tucked away in beautiful, lush forests, it’s the perfect spot for both newcomers and seasoned players to come together for a round of disc golf.

By the way, the Riga Open championship is held in the same disc golf park this August. So if you’re visiting in June, you’ll have plenty of time to practice for this exciting competition.

P.S. If you become an airBaltic Club member, you’ll get to play for free once every month. Plus, if you’re an Executive or VIP member, or are a proud owner of our Planies NFT, you’re in luck – there’s no cap on free games at the airBaltic Disc golf park!




Explore all the nooks and crannies of Riga city and beyond with Roadgames, an engaging scavenger hunt game that combines exploration with puzzle-solving. This unique game is perfect for those eager to see the city from a different angle.

Discover hidden Rigas gems playing the hunting game - Roadgames

Photo source: Roadgames

Plus, you can play anytime you like – there’s no set date. And, you can explore the city on foot, by bike, or by car.

Pro tip: if you wish to explore in comfort, you can conveniently rent a car through our partner SIXT and collect airBaltic Club points.


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Riga – the place to be this June

Riga is packed with fun festivals, outdoor adventures, and cultural experiences this June. The city offers a great mix of nature, culture, sports, delicious food, and social events.

No matter if you’re travelling solo, with friends or family, you’ll find plenty of activities to suit your interests and sense of adventure.

A street view of Riga's Old Town on a sunny day

Photo source: Unsplash

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Riga!


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Discover Riga in July:

Top festivals in Riga and regions

July is the perfect time to celebrate summer with music, food, and of course, festivals! No matter if you’re looking for a fun party with friends or a classy jazz event, you’ll find it all in Latvia.



Rīgas Ritmi Festival

Date: July 3–6

Jazz enthusiasts, rejoice! The Rīgas Ritmi Festival is an event with a stellar lineup of jazz, world, and improvisational music performances.

Taking place across various venues in Riga, this festival showcases both international stars and emerging talent.

The Rīgas Ritmi Festival is an event with a stellar lineup of jazz

Photo source: Rīgas Ritmi

It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of jazz and discover new artists.



Laba Daba Festival

Date: July 12–14

The Laba Daba Festival is a standout event in Latvia’s summer calendar. Held at the scenic Ratnieki in Gauja National Park, this family-friendly festival blends music, art, and nature for a unique and immersive experience.

The family-friendly Laba Daba Festival blends together music, art, and nature

Photo source: Facebook

You can easily reach the festival from Riga by bus, train, or by renting a car, making it convenient for all visitors.



Positivus Festival

Date: July 19–20

Positivus is the largest music and arts festival in the Baltics. With over a decade of history, the Positivus Festival offers an impressive lineup of international and local artists, featuring performances across various genres.

The Positivus Festival offers an impressive lineup of international and local artists

Photo source: Facebook

Alongside the music, you can enjoy stunning art installations, diverse food stalls, and the lively summer atmosphere that makes this festival a standout event.

Enjoy stunning art installations and diverse food stalls at the Positivus festival

Photo source: Facebook

Pro tip: pack sunscreen and a hat – you’ll be dancing in the sun all day!



Jūrmala Festival

Date: July 13–20

Just a short train ride from Riga, the Jūrmala Festival is a summer highlight. Held at the scenic Dzintari Concert Hall, this festival features multiple outstanding performances by Latvian and international artists.

The Jūrmala Festival traditional sunrise concert with Iveta Apkalna

Photo source: Facebook

The festival spans various genres, including classical music, jazz, flamenco, and opera, ensuring a rich and diverse cultural experience.

Pro tip: combine your concert experience with a day at the beach. Bring your swimwear and sunscreen for sunbathing and a refreshing dip in the sea!


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Cultural and community events

July is a fantastic time to experience community and leisure events in Riga.

From beautiful breakfast experiences to art exhibitions and concerts, there’s something to do for solo travellers and families alike.



Bryan Adams concert

Date: July 8

Iconic rock star Bryan Adams is set to light up the stage at the Arena Riga on July 8. Known for his timeless hits like “Summer of ’69” and “Everything I Do,” this concert promises an unforgettable night of rock classics and newer tracks.

The Arena Riga on July 8 will host the Bryan Adams concert

Photo source: Live Riga

It’s a must-see for any music lover, so be sure to brush up on the lyrics for a full sing-along experience!



Guided Tours at the Latvian National Opera

Dates: July 10, 20, and 24

Explore the magnificent Latvian National Opera with guided tours available in English. These tours offer a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at one of Riga’s most prestigious cultural institutions.

Take a look behind the scenes in a guided tour at the prestigious Latvian National Opera

Photo source: Facebook

On the tour, you’ll learn about the history of the opera house, its architectural details, and the rich traditions of opera and ballet in Latvia.

It’s an excellent opportunity for culture enthusiasts and those looking to explore Riga’s artistic heritage.



Long Breakfast at Āgenskalns Market

Date: July 14

Looking for a lovely breakfast experience? Join the long breakfast at Āgenskalns Market which starts at 11:00 and stretches all the way to 16:00.

During warmer months, once a month, Agenskalns Market invites to the longest breakfast in the city

Photo source: Instagram

Āgenskalns Market is known for its historical architecture, and here you can purchase a wide selection of local and organic products.



Riga Last Thursdays

Date: July 27

Explore Riga’s art scene with Riga Last Thursdays, a monthly event that transforms the city’s galleries into a cultural hotspot.

On July 27, art enthusiasts will be able to experience different exhibitions, open studios, and creative spaces throughout Riga.

One of the Riga Last Thursday, April exhibition work

Photo source: Riga Last Thursdays

Participating galleries extend their opening hours, offering visitors the opportunity to see contemporary art, meet artists, and enjoy special events such as talks, performances, and workshops.


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Cover photo source: Pixabay

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