Checked baggage: all you have to know

This is a tune we all know by heart: standing in front of a travel bag with a frown on your face and a million unanswered questions – what to pack, how to pack everything efficiently, which items can be packed and which are not allowed. To avoid any trouble at the airport, finding out the baggage policy of the airline you’re about to fly with is more than recommended.


Checked baggage on airBaltic flights

On airBaltic flights, the maximum weight of one piece of checked baggage is 23 kg, and the maximum dimensions of the bag are 100x50x80 cm. At the time of booking, you must choose the ticket type, and the baggage fees depend on this choice.

airBaltic has three ticket types with the following baggage rules:

  • BUSINESS – 2 bags free of charge with a joint weight of up to 46 kg with a maximum weight of 32kg per bag;
  • CLASSIC and GREEN plus – 1 bag (max. 23 kg) free of charge;
  • GREEN – from 19.99 EUR per bag per one way journey while booking tickets on Checked baggage fees can vary depending on the selected route and flight duration.

You can always add more baggage to your booking for a fee, but no more than three bags per passenger. We recommend adding checked baggage during the booking process on to get the exclusive online price – from 19.99 EUR per bag per one way journey. You can always add baggage later on or even at the airport at a higher fee.

airBaltic checked baggage

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Baggage for children and infants

airBaltic traveling baggage for kids

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If the reservation includes an infant or a child, one fully collapsible pram or stroller, a carrycot or an infant car type seat can be transported free of charge. Passengers travelling with an infant are entitled to one checked bag up to 10 kg free of charge, which can be combined with an adult’s checked bag.



Forbidden items

Forbidden items in checked baggage

These items cannot be transported in your checked baggage: fragile items such as glasses, foodstuffs, perishable items, items of a special value, such as money, keys, prescribed medicine, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents, or samples, jewellery, precious metals, electronic/electrical devices, such as cameras, computers, mobile phones and musical instruments.



Heavy baggage

The weight of checked baggage

If any piece of checked baggage exceeds the weight of 23 kg, a 60 EUR heavy baggage fee is charged at the airport. This charge is applied per bag not per kg. The maximum weight of one piece of checked baggage is 32 kg. If the checked baggage exceeds the number of pieces and the weight allowance simultaneously, both fees are applied.



Bulky baggage

Maximum dimensions of checked baggage

If any piece of checked baggage exceeds the maximum dimensions of 100x50x80 cm, a bulky baggage fee in the amount of 75 EUR is charged at the airport. This fixed charge is applied to a bag that weighs up to 23 kg.
Bulky baggage that exceeds the weight of 23 kg will incur a 135 EUR charge per bag per one way journey. This fee comprises the 75 EUR bulky baggage fee and the 60 EUR heavy baggage fee. The maximum weight of one piece of checked baggage is 32 kg.



Animals on board

airBaltic traveling with animals
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airBaltic accepts only small dogs and cats on the board. The animal must be transported in a carrier box that must be placed under the seat in front of you. Pet transportation in the cabin costs 70 EUR per one-way journey.

Larger animals can be transported in the cargo hold. Pet transportation services can be booked at the airBaltic ticket offices or via the call centre.



Connecting flights

airBaltic airbus in Riga international airport

For connecting flights, a single baggage fee per one way journey is charged. However, if the trip includes a stopover in Riga exceeding 24 hours, the baggage fee will be applied to each flight separately.



Sports equipment

Traveling with sports equipment

Sports equipment allowance can be booked online from 39.99 EUR per unit per one way journey, or later on for a higher fee. Business ticket holders can transport one set of sports equipment free of charge. The following sports equipment is accepted for transportation: skiing and snowboarding equipment, bicycle, golf equipment, diving equipment, ice hockey equipment, surfing equipment and fishing equipment. If the weight of the sports equipment set exceeds 23 kg, passengers will be charged a 60 EUR heavy baggage fee. The maximum weight of one set of sports equipment is 32 kg.



Lost baggage

What you need to do if you lose your baggage

More than 99% of checked baggage is safely returned to the passengers. On the rare occasion that your bag does not appear on the baggage belt, you must report it immediately to the Lost and Found office at the airport of arrival. The majority of delayed baggage is quickly delivered to the passenger’s home or hotel. While we’re searching for your luggage, you can purchase essentials and submit the receipts to our Customer Relations department for reimbursement.

More information about checked baggage on airBaltic flights is available here.

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