7 tips to find a perfect souvenir

Everyone knows that feeling when there are only few days left of your vacation, but you haven`t bought souvenirs for your family and friends. Feel free to use these tips for your next trip to help you choose the perfect travel souvenir.


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Who is it for?

Buy thoughtful souvenirs

Keep in mind for who you are buying the souvenir. If your friend isn`t collecting magnets on the fridge and you will give a magnet with Eiffel tower, most likely the magnet will go in the trash or shoved into a drawer. Buy souvenir that will be useful and make the person happy.

Save memories from trips with magnets

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Know the rules

You probably have no idea how many souvenirs are bought that cannot be taken out of one country or into another. If the souvenirs are made of natural materials, for example, wood, you need to carefully study how the souvenir you have chosen is made and finished. In addition, stricter restrictions often apply to transport food and drink.

Souvenir restrictions for international travelers

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Touristy souvenir shops

When looking for souvenir explore local markets and find authentic things

Try to avoid touristy souvenir shops. Explore the local markets and enjoy the cultural experience. This is the place where you can find authentic things.



Buy a handicraft

Buy a Handicraft with local culture from your trips

Buying handicrafts as souvenirs is always a good idea. These souvenirs will show the local culture, how different and interesting it can be. Also buying handmade souvenirs will help the local economy and the money will go to a local artist.



Useful souvenirs

Find useful souvenirs

Of course, figurines are good looking, but they will end up forgotten on the shelf. Try to buy something that the person will actually use. It can be hand-sewn bags, hand-made jewelry, authentic dishes or glasses, hats, scarves, even something fo cooking – spices or different oils.



Handmade by you

Make gift by yourself while you are abroad

If there is a possibility and you can make gift by yourself – use it. It shows you didn’t just choose a gift within minutes, but actually took the time to create something specially. These types of souvenirs are good to mix with cultural elements like colors, materials or even scents.



Local specialty

Explore local spices - a great gift idea

Another way to give your friend an insight into the local culture is to buy them a souvenir that is also a local specialty. Maybe the local specialty is something with food, but you can not transport, for example, the fruit, you can also find something that contains the fruit – lotion, scent or cooking spice. Also, make sure to check rules what You can or can not import or export out of the country, before you make your purchase. Sometimes food, beverages and natural products can cause problems at airports or on borders.

Buy local crafted items from travel

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