When the leaves are golden…

We have some lovely options for you to spend an autumn weekend in a romantic, touristic or family way! You might know some of them already, while some places may surprise you. So here it is – our list of 5 places for autumn holidays.



The Sigulda golden autumn is on! Some will say that this place is too mainstream for autumn visits. Well, maybe… but it’s still one of the most picturesque regions of Latvia. A perfect time for visiting Sigulda is October/November, when the surrounding hills are covered in the colors of autumn – from sunny golds to deep reds. You can go on magnificent walks during this time of year, with breathtaking landscapes to be taken in around every corner. An amazing view of the surrounding countryside opens from the top of Turaida Castle tower.

The Rabbit Town


A Latvian carpenter has built amazing little houses for his rabbits, creating a whole rabbit town that is currently home for over 65 rabbit breeds in open-air. Discover the town of fluffy cuteness! Visit all the lovely rabbits, feed them, meet the local ducks and cats as well, enjoy the sunset and leave the place with a happy sigh, waving goodbye to all the rabbits roaming free and following you on the streets of their town. If this is not the greatest family outing, what is?



This place might seem too far for many tourists, but it’s definitely one of the most magnificent natural treasures of Latvia – the Kemeri wildlife reserve and national park. Get ready to see a wide range of rare birds like the black stork, and a whole lot of wild beasts like wolves, moose, deer, elk, foxes and even horses, reintroduced into this unique ecosystem with some help from the World Wildlife Fund. Turn your visit into a road trip with your dearest friends or family members to impress them with the amazing gifts of nature, especially in the autumn with its cool crispy air and brilliant colours.

Ligatne Nature Trails

To dive into the breathtaking beauty of fall, just step out of the city and visit Ligatne – close to Riga, yet way off the beaten track. Situated where Līgatne stream falls into River Gauja, this small town is surrounded with some spectacular sights of nature. Visit Ligatne Nature Trails to catch a glimpse of wolf-dogs, wild boars, bears, elk, owls and many other wild animals. Put on your comfiest hiking shoes and enjoy your time in Ligatne!

The White Dune

Another place well worth exploring is The White Dune in Saulkrasti. This white sand dune isn’t simply a dune – some of its layers are almost hardened into sandstone, which is why it has been able to withstand all the moods of the weather for so long. Reach the top of the dune to take in the amazing view that opens from the sightseeing platform on the very top. The peaceful and quite deserted late autumn beach of Saulkrasti is the perfect place for long romantic walks. You’ll fall in love with this charming atmosphere.

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