Wanderlust inspiration: Instagram accounts to follow

Travelling is a good way to introduce new adventures into your life, meet new interesting, inspiring people and explore your horizons. One of the most important part of travelling has been, and currently is, of course, capturing your personal pictures. These pictures can be revisited when you become older, together with your children and grandchildren. With the help of Instagram and its simple filters, everyone is able to produce amazing captures of their ordinary life. Here is a selection of incredible people on Instagram that have spent most of their life travelling across the world.



Get ready! These Instagram profiles will inspire you and make your feed much more colorful!

 #1 Albert Barrut

#2 Herbert Schröer

#3 Nikolaj Thaning Rentzmann

#4 Freek Geurts

#5 Marissa Cox

#6 Samee Lapham

#7 Sandra Juto

#8 Sarah Murphy

#9 Katie McKnoulty

#10 Tschang

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