Four Destinations for Your May Getaway

Not sure where to go? Not to worry, we have several ideas. Enjoy the last whiff of spring in one of these cities and come back fully prepared for the summer season! Shall we?


This gem of a destination by the Black Sea will surely melt your heart – affordable, jaw-droppingly pretty, and with a divine seaside vibe. For an extra dose of culture, trace the footsteps of the ingenious con man Ostap Bender from The Twelve Chairs, or make your way to the Potemkin Stairs, featured in the 1925 film Battleship Potemkin.


Looking to inject a bit (or a lot) of elegance into your spring getaway? As recommended by Queen Elizabeth II herself, you need Bordeaux, the wine capital of the world. Lose yourself in the architectural ensemble of the city centre or in the world of reds, whites and rosés. Or, better yet, all of the above!


If you’d rather sip on beer than wine, Prague is the place to be, as it is rumoured to be one of the best cities for enjoying this drink. Yet, it’s so much more than beer heaven – from the Dancing House to Charles Bridge, the picturesque surroundings will give your Instagram followers serious wanderlust.


Who doesn’t like French fries, right? Fun fact, they’re actually Belgian fries! A holiday in Brussels will be marked by copious amounts of crispy golden potatoes, fluffy waffles and huge blocks of chocolate. Not the best treats for a bikini body, but so delicious and so worth it.

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