10 reasons why you should become an airBaltic pilot

10 reasons why you should become an airBaltic pilot

To live happily, job shouldn’t be a routine, it has to be a passion. Some say (and we truly agree and believe) – there is no stronger passions than aviation. Being a pilot takes a lot of dedication, emotional strength and responsibility, it is not an easy job to do at all, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding ones. If you are still not sure, we can present you ten (but there’s a lot more) reasons why you should become an airBaltic pilot.

1. The Baltic countries is a beautiful place to live (and fly over too).

2. Being a pilot is a challenge. But definitely a rewarding one.

3. Every pilot looks irresistible in his or her uniform. Trust us!


4. You’ll agree – cockpit is the best office in the world.


5. Unlimited home leave tickets and ID (Industry Discount) tickets goes together very well :)


6. Our brand new Bombardier CS300 is a wonderful aircraft to fly.


7. And if you need a specific type rating to fly with us - don't worry, we'll have your back!


8. It’s all about the view – the sunrises and sunsets, clear sky and cotton candy clouds every single day.

9. Forget about routine – we all know that every each flight is different.


10. And remember - you will always be someone’s hero.


airBaltic is full of opportunities for pilots. If you don’t have any previous knowledge or experience on aviation or how to fly an airplane, airBaltic Training Pilot Academy will be the place for you – in two years you can have all the requirements to start working as a professional airline pilot.

If you already have your pilots’ license, but do not have a specific Type Rating, don’t worry, we’ll cover the costs of all the necessary training, validation, medicals, visas and any other items related to work duties.

If you are interested in this profession and have some questions, you can find more information on our homepage or we will be happy to answer all of our your questions on our Social media. Among our pilots, there’s saying that, if you look up to the sky, when hearing the sound of an engine, you belong to the sky. It’s home for us and believe that it’s home for you too.

Join airBaltic team!

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