Everything you should know about airBaltic Training Pilot Academy

Everything you should know about airBaltic Training Pilot Academy

The first group of students is studying for nearly three months and soon will start practical flight training with our brand new Diamond aircraft. If your dream is to become a pilot, and you are interested in airBaltic Training Pilot Academy, get all of your questions about studies answered here.

Watch how first day of studies for airBaltic Training Pilot Academy went!

Application and selection

If becoming an airline pilot has always been your dream, this will be the right place for you. Candidates need to have a secondary education, a sharp mind, proficiency in English, and the will to work hard. You also need to be in good health in order to fly and be a professional pilot. The selection process might seem a bit complex – it includes a rigorous testing process, starting from a background check to physical, psychological, and psychometric testing. But that’s because the airline needs to select people who not only wish to become pilots but who are also able to do the job.

First steps - learning and training

The first three months of the programme consist of theoretical training and learning the basics of aviation theory. Then the practical training starts. airBaltic has ordered three single-engine DA40 NG training aircraft and one twin-engine DA42-VI training aircraft from Diamond Aircraft, which have the advantage of being very similar to the modern airplanes that are used at airBaltic. This means that students will be training with the same high-tech equipment they’ll be using at the airline. The training course takes up to two years to complete, but the exact length depends very much on the weather conditions, which in Latvia can be challenging.


If you’re wondering who will be your instructors, it’s a group of theoretical knowledge instructors and another group of practical flight instructors. They will not only transfer knowledge from books but also bring their own practical experience to the classroom. For the practical training, the instructors are a mix of the most experienced flight instructors and pilots from airBaltic. We already have quite a big batch of pilots who’ve been flight instructors before, and they are looking forward to combining flying and training.


After passing all of the final exams, all of the new pilots are guaranteed a job at airBaltic. This is also a reason why much effort will be put into making sure that the skills, attitude, and personality of the people airBaltic is selecting match up with the company’s needs.

A little helping hand, if needed

Pilot training is not cheap, but the Pilot Academy will be ensuring that this dream is not denied to people who have the right qualifications and motivation but don’t have the funds. Pilot Academy offers an attractive proposal from our partner bank with decreased interest and a repayment schedule adjusted to the terms and conditions of your pilot employment agreement with airBaltic. The pilot profession is not only an appealing job, but it provides a good salary, too, so this can be considered as an investment in the students’ education and future.


For more information, visit airBaltic Training Pilot Academy. Or if you still have some questions, ask them here on comment section!

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