10 things the rest of the world could learn from Finland

10 things the rest of the world could learn from Finland

Dear Finland! Happy 100th birthday! You are an amazing country, and we wish you all the best. During 100 years you have developed unique and really useful skills and abilities that rest of the world should learn from you. So, here's 10 things the rest of the world could learn from Finland.

1. How to survive a long winter

You know, it’s pretty rough when the winter is 9 months long, super cold and dark (yes, it can get dark at 3 PM already). But Finns know how to make the best of it, trust us.

2. How to do sauna properly

No towels, seriously hot temperatures, lots of löyly water that you throw onto the sauna rocks. These are the three general rules for a genuine Finnish sauna – no exceptions.  

3. How to love liquorice

They have it all – salty liquorice, chocolate with liquorice, liquorice booze and liquorice cakes – you name it! The Finnish passion for liquorice is truly amazing.

4. How to keep pet reindeer

Reindeer can actually be lovely pets – it’s like having Christmas in your backyard every single day of the year.

5. How to always be on time

In terms of punctuality Finns are among the best in the world. They are always on time and are not amused when others are late.

6. How to avoid small talk

If you are not a huge fan of small talk, you’ll love hanging out with Finns. They know how to respect others’ private space, don’t ask meaningless questions and aren’t very comfortable with compliments either.

7. How to slow-dance to heavy metal

Hey, it can be useful!

8. How to love coffee THAT much

Move over, rest of the world, Finns know how to love coffee for real! Statistics says it all – Finns are the people with the highest consumption of coffee in the world, at 12 kilos per person per year.

9. How to fight mosquitoes

Even if the summer is just a couple of weeks (or days) long, mosquitoes can be really annoying. But Finns deal with them like pros.


10. And most importantly – how to be one of the happiest countries in the whole world

Yes, Finland is one of the happiest, wealthiest and best educated countries in the world. They’d never brag about it, so we’ll do it for them. Done!

Visit Finland!

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