New Summer Destinations

New Summer Destinations

No need to fear freezing temperatures this winter – thoughts about the summer festival season in Manchester, salmon steak in Bergen and musical fountains in the capital of Armenia will keep you warm. To be ready for the summer, start preparations in the winter – and this includes planning next year’s holidays!
Manchester, UK
Summer in Manchester is just great. The nights are warm; streets are swarming with people, and the city is in full bloom. Music runs deep in the Manchester’s veins – these streets have brought us bands like Take That, Oasis and the Smiths. For melomaniacs, the first stop must be Band on the Wall – in the 70s, Joy Division took the stage here, and still today wannabe musicians and world-famous stars stand in the spotlight.
At Manchester Museum, 65-million-year old Stan is waiting to meet you – it’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil. If you enjoyed the film Night at the Museum, definitely stop by – after hours, the museum hosts all kinds of events.
If you had planned to bathe at Victoria Baths, we have bad news for you – the pools of the facility that opened in 1906 are mainly empty. However, all kinds of fairs, street food and art festivals take place there from time to time. Just around the corner, you’ll find the third largest Chinatown in Europe – have a look at the colourful pagodas and try a spicy soup.
Speaking about food to try, you’ll never go wrong with a blood sausage, potato pie and Lancashire hotpot. The bright green Manchester caviar which is served with fish and chips is made of green peas, not avocados! In the afternoon, have a cup of tea and Eccles butter cookies, filled with black currant and iced with sugar.
They say Manchester has everything that the heart might desire, except for the beach. But who need the beach if you can spend time in cramped vinyl stores, charming cafes and roaring music festivals.
Bergen, Norway 
Bergen is the most beautiful city in Norway, according to many. Indeed, colourful buildings lie in the caress of the mountains – that’s a very pretty sight to behold, especially in the Bryggen district. In the past, the row of wooden buildings served as a warehouse for fish and grains, but nowadays it has become the trademark of Bergen.
Seven mountains surround the city, the highest of which is Ulriken. You can go up there in a cable car of a funicular; from the top, you can see all of Bergen. Even if the valley is filled with cotton-candy clouds, the view will be fascinating.
When you’re ready for art, visit KODE, one of the largest art, design and music museums in the whole of Scandinavia. A collection of Edvard Munch’s art is displayed here, including the famous Scream in ink.
The first written record of Bergen’s fish market dates back to 1200, so be sure to try fresh mussels, fish soup and smoked salmon while you’re there. Trekronenen hot dog kiosk has something special on offer – reindeer hotdog, served with sweet berry sauce, mustard and crispy onions.
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So. Many. People. told me to go to the #Bergen #FishMarket but no one told me it was less about checking out (AKA taking pretty pictures of) the various fish on display and more about eating there. I was envisioning much like I’ve seen at other fish markets - a variety of options to take home and cook yourself - but what makes the #BergenFishMarket special and different from every other fish market is that they cook it and serve it to you too. . . . There are three restaurants where you can buy the fish and take it home - everything from shrimp to lobster to sea urchins to raw clams to crabs to salmon to flounder to whale...yes, whale! - or you order it up and have it for lunch or dinner. Since I still had much to explore, I opted for the grab-and-go shrimp roll and I #highlyrecommend 🙌🏻 But if you go, save some time, have a meal there and get the sampler. You can pick any three so be sure to be adventurous and try something new!! . . . #wanderlust #instatravel #traveljunkie #solotravel #jetsetter #travelgram #traveladdict #worldtraveler #globetrotter #exploretheworld #discover #dametravel #dametraveler #girlswhowander #travelphotography #juliegoestoeurope #norway #bergennorway #latergram #foodporn #instafood

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To enjoy the fjords of Norway to the fullest, leave the city – the easiest way is a three-hour ride on the Osterfjord to Modalen. You’ll be greeted by green hills and thundering waterfalls. The cruise starts right by the fish market, so have the famous skagen toast with shrimp salad for breakfast, and enjoy the day!
Trondheim, Norway
Days are long in the summer, so have a big cup of coffee and start exploring Trondheim. The Bakklandet district will leave a lasting imprint, famous for the old wooden buildings, cosy cafes and hordes of cyclists.

If you’re considering joining the cyclists, the cobbled streets won’t be a problem – smooth bike lanes accompany every one of them. The only bicycle lift in the world is a special attraction – it’s actually a rail with a clip for your right foot that pushes you up the steep hill. The CycloCable was invented by a local who was fed up with trying to conquer the hill every time.
The most beautiful view of the colourful houses can be caught on the Gamle Bybroa Bridge –on clear days, their reflections look elegant in the water.
Stop by Nidaros Cathedral, which was built over the burial site of Norway’s patron St. Olav. Kings have been christened and buried here, and the state monarch crowning took place right there up to 1906. The archbishop’s palace lies next to it, guarding the crown jewels. If you want to freshen up, take the tram to Lake Lianvannet. In the nearby forests, there are many trails worth exploring.
The cuisine of this region is based on lamb, seafood and berries. Locals love Brunost, brown cheese made of whey, which is boiled until it caramelizes. You won’t escape herring either, served smoked, grilled, baked and pickled.
End your trip in the Tyholttårnet radio tower – there’s a rotating restaurant called Egon 80 metres above ground. In one hour, it makes a full rotation, letting you enjoy a 360-degree view. Wow, Trondheim is beautiful!
Yerevan, Armenia
The sleeping beauty of the Caucasus is wide awake now, and its broad boulevards are to be seen with your own eyes. Start the day with a classical Armenian breakfast – eggs, butter, lavash bread and heaps of fresh herbs.
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Begin your wanderings in the Republic Square, called the architectural gem of Yerevan. Its centre is paved with colourful cobblestones, which look like a traditional Armenian carpet from above. You’ll find the musical fountains there as well.
Yerevan is called the pink city of the Caucasus, as many buildings are made of the naturally pink volcanic stones, and the sunsets opening up from the cascade of Yerevan colour the horizon in the same shades. Don’t be surprised if you feel like climbing 572 steps every night, as the view of Mount Ararat shining in the evening gold is stunning.
If you’re travelling with checked baggage, you can get a a real Caucasian carpet – look for one at the Vernissage market, which sells everything from knick-knacks to works of the local craftsmen.
After a long walk, the restaurant Prisoner of the Caucasus is a fantastic place for a meal of dolmas, shashlik and khachapuri. The place is decorated in the style of the namesake Soviet film. Locals often wink at beautiful women and tell them that they are worth stealing, just like in the movie. If you see a drinking water fountain in the streets, know that they’re called pulpulak – there are more than 1500 of those in the city. Drink up!
Celebrate your trip with a tour of the Ararat cognac factory. This amber drink has been praised by Frank Sinatra, Agatha Christi and Winston Churchill. On trying a 15-year-old cognac, the guides will tell you to hold the glass in your left hand, as it is closer to the heart. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this city! 
Yekaterinburg, Russia
The fourth largest city in the country is located at a unique crossroads between Europe and Asia and is considered the capital city of the Ural region. The mines of this region yield the largest quantity of diamonds in the whole of Russia. The most popular landmarks are situated in the October district, for instance, a keyboard-shaped statue or a monument to the Beatles. The Military Technology Museum boasts an impressive collection of tanks and submarines, while Ural Geological Museum displays sparkling gemstones mined in the vicinity.
On the site where the last tsar of Russia, Nikolai II, was killed now stands a splendid church. Pelmeni Klub must be the choice for your first meal – workshops are also available there. Of course, you’ll find vareniki with cherry jam on the menu as well. At Restaurant Pashtet, traditional Russian cuisine gets a modern makeover, and visitors are greeted by the grey cat Pasha! 
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