The other side of cabin crew life: Romija

The other side of cabin crew life: Romija

Sky is the limit for most... But not for cabin crew! The life of a flight attendant is unusual and unique in many ways. For them, the sky is a beautiful playground – those office views are just unbeatable. This profession provides countless life-changing opportunities to travel around the world. Let's forget about seat belts and safety announcements for a while now and see the other side of flight attendant life.

Destination: flight attendant

Meet Romija. One winter evening, as she was browsing for a warm-weather destination for a holiday, she somehow wandered into the vacancy section... Since then she has been working for airBaltic as a flight attendant for three years now, but she admits she never thought this could be her everyday life. "Since the moment I got the phone call confirming I got the job, I took all the classes diligently, practiced things like opening the aircraft doors and brewing and serving coffee – knowing it all in theory is one thing, but when you’re facing actual reality on your first flight, nervousness can play tricks on you. But that’s the first time. When you understand how all parts on a plane work and realize you’re one of them, you get used to the environment and adapt to it quickly." 

Off to work with a smile 

Romija remembers the crazy laughs shared with the people she has flown with a lot of times, and she smiles. It’s one of the reasons she is so happy to go to work every single day. It’s important to pack your bag with smiles and a good mood and take it to work, she says. That will help in everyday life as well! The everyday routine on this job doesn’t feel like a routine at all. Each flight is different, every day you fly with different people, and if you meet the same passenger on two of your flights in a row you feel like old friends already. 

What hides behind the uniform?

Many people think the job of a flight attendant takes up a lot of time. That’s true, but not more so than other jobs. When the aircraft touches down at Riga airport, Romija changes from her uniform into regular clothes and goes back to being a loving mother. But at the same time she also manages appearing in photoshoots, videos and various music projects as a DJ. Her DJ career started a long time before she joined the ranks of cabin crew. Her partner in this endeavour is Annija – two friends, two mothers on the same wave (bass house, to be exact) conquered stages in Riga and abroad up to this very year. Right now, though, Romija is planning a break in her music activities and later moving into another musical direction and inspiration – tech house un deep house. Asked if the flight attendant job hinders her hobbies, Romija was genuinely surprised. It’s exactly the other way around, she claims: "On the way to or from work is the time when I can find new music that inspires me to DJ. One job complements the other!" It really looks like she can manage everything! 

One of the sources of inspiration

Travelling! So many cities visited and so many still to come: Tel Aviv, Reykjavik, Rome... Every summer airBaltic gives Romija a chance to enjoy a new destination and she does so with pleasure. She also mentions that travelling habits change when you travel quite a bit: "When we were going on one of our trips to Amsterdam with my friends, they called me the night before, asking what to pack with them, how much stuff they should take and what the luggage dimensions should be. Meanwhile I was as calm as an elephant. I know I can pack in 20 minutes in the morning and go straight to the airport." With so much travelling under her belt, Romija has her own top 3 of cities that she gladly shares and recommends. Amsterdam – total chaos in total order. Free souls and anyone interested in creativity will love it. Tel Aviv – an incredibly beautiful and warm city that will surprise you with how cosy it is. Reykjavik – a must-visit at least once in your life.

Romija: "What I can recommend to everyone who applies for a cabin crew job – be willing to learn, be open to new people, to co-workers. And smile! That helps a lot in this line of work. Good luck and see you up there!" Want to fulfill your dream? Join our cabin crew team!

Written specially for airBalticBlog by Eugenia Krupenkina.  

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