Reasons Why a Cabin Crew Job Is Amazing

Reasons Why a Cabin Crew Job Is Amazing

There’s something special about being a member of cabin crew. It’s not just spending most of your day in the sky, but also the way people see stewards and stewardesses and, most importantly, the way cabin crew learn to see the world. Here’s a list of things that make cabin crew the stars of every airline, and it’s really just the beginning. And if you find this profession as wonderful as we do and would like to try your hand in it, we’ll be happy to see you at airBaltic HQ in Riga every Thursday at 13:00 on Cabin Crew Open Days.

1. You have the best office views, hands down. Yes, you run a risk of sounding cheesy when you tell that to people, but it’s true nonetheless!

Photos from @airBaltic

2. You develop an addiction to the most beautiful thing ever – traveling and exploring the world.


Photos taken from @aallure and @brinumsvecite

3. It’s a surefire way to meet celebrities – they do fly a lot.

Photos from @airBaltic

4. It’s highly likely that your job is the most glamorous among your friends. The bragging rights are all yours!


Photos taken from @aallure and @brinumsvecite

5. Routine? What routine? Each time you fly to a different place with different colleagues and different passengers.

Photos from @lidandule

6. There’s no denying that a uniform adds a certain allure to your image.

Photos from @anetekristine and @kkorola

7. Diversity – if you judge professions by how global and multicultural they are, this is right up there.

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