Discover Riga in May: A Traveler’s Guide to Events and Culture

In the Latvian capital Riga, May is the time to experience spring in full swing.

The nature, as well as the local culture, is blossoming and the Riga’s event calendar offers activities for city explorers, outdoor enthusiasts, as well as travellers seeking a good self-care retreat.

From energetic marathons and unique cultural festivals to relaxed culinary mornings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

In this blog, you’ll find a detailed guide to the most anticipated events and experiences this May in Riga. Let’s dig in!


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Cultural and leisure highlights in Riga

Every May, Riga fills up with cultural and community activities. No matter if you’re looking for a fun night out or a family-friendly historical event, you’ll find it all in Riga.


Night of Museums

Date: May 18

Just one night a year, museums across Riga open their doors for free.

This event is called the Night of Museums, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to take a late-night stroll in the streets of Riga and visit cultural institutions outside their normal working hours.

On May 18, on the Night of Museums, museums across Riga open their doors for free

Photo source: Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum

We especially suggest visiting the National Museum of Art, Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum, as well as The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia.




Date: May 25

If you’re looking for a festive dance party in Riga, consider attending the MONALISA Mega Party.

This event promises to create a unique atmosphere combining the energy of a music festival and an Ibiza nightclub.

Enjoy the energy of an Ibiza Nightclub and the crowds of a Festival at the Monalisa Mega Party

Photo source: Monalisa

With 15,000 expected party-goers, this event will be a night to remember!



Riga Central Market

Riga Central Market is a truly unique place to do your shopping. The market has been running since the 1930s, and it’s located in an old zeppelin hangar.

Riga Central Market is located in an old zeppelin hangar and has been running since the 1930s

Photo source: Latvia travel

You can wander around the market on your own, or go on a guided tour with delightful food tastings. From fresh bread to artisan cheeses and seasonal treats, you’ll get the opportunity to taste the Latvian cuisine to the fullest.

Sign up for a guided tour with delightful food tastings at Riga Central market to try local products

Photo source: Latvia travel

Many visitors have taken a liking to Latvian sour cream. It is often added to enrich savoury dishes and is a staple in Latvian homes—don’t forget to try it!


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Community and leisure events

May is a fantastic time to experience community and leisure events in Riga. From beautiful breakfast experiences to art exhibitions and festivals, there’s something to do for solo travellers and families alike.


Long Breakfast at Āgenskalns Market

Date: May 12

Looking for a lovely breakfast experience? Join the long breakfast at Āgenskalns Market which starts at 11:00 and stretches all the way to 16:00.

During warmer months, once a month, Agenskalns Market invites to the longest breakfast in the city

Photo source: Instagram

Āgenskalns Market is known for its historical architecture, and here you can purchase a wide selection of local and organic products.



Count of May

Date: May 18

If the Middle Ages excite you, the Count of May festival is a must-have on your itinerary.

This family-oriented event has numerous activities. From jousting to traditional crafts, it will surely bring tons of fun and educational experiences for visitors of all ages.

The Count of May festival offers a sneak peek into the historical lifestyle

Photo source: Count of May festival

The Count of May festival also offers a sneak peek into the historical lifestyle—you’ll get to admire medieval period costumes and dance to live medieval music for an authentic atmosphere!



Body Poetry exhibition

For dance and history lovers, we suggest visiting Body Poetry, an exhibition at Romans Suta and Aleksandra Beļcova Museum (part of the National Museum of Art) that explores the history of plastic dance in Latvia during the 1920s and 30s.

Exhibition Body Poetry at the National Museum of Art explores the history of plastic dance in Latvia in the 1920s

Photo source: LNMM

In this exhibition, you’ll discover how two dance pioneers, Isadora and Raymond Duncan, influenced the Latvian dance scene.

You can buy tickets online or at the museum’s ticket office. The museum is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM.


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Sports and outdoor leisure

Spring weather is ideal for enjoying outdoor activities in Riga. Are you ready to jog through the city’s historic streets, play a round of golf, or solve puzzles in a city-wide game?


Rimi Riga Marathon

Date: May 18–19

Rimi Riga Marathon gathers participants from all over the world to run through the city’s historic landscape.

People running over the Stone Bridge during the Rimi Riga Marathon

Photo source: Rimi Riga Marathon

Depending on their fitness and ambition level, every runner can choose from a variety of distances: a full marathon, half-marathon, 10 km, and a 5 km family run.

Annually in May, the Rimi Riga Marathon gathers participants from all over the world to run through the city’s historic landscape

Photo source: Rimi Riga Marathon

This annual marathon is more than a race—it’s a community event where companies, charities, as well as families form teams that participate together and support good causes.



Golf near Riga

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a pro, you’ll be able to put your skills to the test on some of Latvia’s picturesque golf courses. Conveniently, the top 3 courses—Ozo Golf Club, Viesturi Golf Course, and Jurmala Spa & Hotel—are all located just outside Riga.

Ozo Golf landscape from above

Photo source: Ozo Golf

And after the round, don’t forget to stop by hole 19 for some light-hearted fun and a well-deserved refreshment.



airBaltic Disc golf park in Mežaparks

During your stay in Riga, visiting airBaltic’s very own disc golf park in Mežaparks is a must-have. Tucked away in beautiful, lush forests, it’s the perfect spot for both newcomers and seasoned players to come together for a round of disc golf.

By the way, the Riga Open championship is held in the same disc golf park this August. So if you’re visiting in May, you’ll have plenty of time to practice for this exciting competition.

P.S. If you become an airBaltic Club member, you’ll get to play for free once every month. Plus, if you’re an Executive or VIP member, or are a proud owner of our Planies NFT, you’re in luck—there’s no cap on free games at the airBaltic Disc golf park!




Explore all the nooks and crannies of Riga city and beyond with Roadgames, an engaging scavenger hunt game that combines exploration with puzzle-solving. This unique game is perfect for those eager to see the city from a different angle.

Discover hidden Rigas gems playing the hunting game - Roadgames

Photo source: Roadgames

Plus, you can play anytime you like—there’s no set date. And, you can explore the city on foot, by bike, or by car.

Pro tip: if you wish to explore in comfort, you can conveniently rent a car through our partner SIXT and collect airBaltic Club points.


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Riga—the place to be this May

Riga is like a well-rounded individual who’s always fun to talk to at dinner parties. This city is full of experiences and has the perfect balance of nature, culture, sports, delicious food, and social gatherings.

A street view of Riga's Old Town on a sunny day

Photo source: Unsplash

No matter if you’re travelling solo, with friends or family, you’ll find something that resonates with you and your sense of adventure. Or rather, it will find you. 🙂

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Riga!


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Cover photo source: Unsplash

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