Best Places to Visit in April

Spring is finally here, anywhere you look. Seems like a great time to check out how the world is getting ready for Easter, don’t you agree? Pop some sunscreen in your travel bag to avoid looking like Rudolph the Reindeer at the end of the day – the sun is not as innocent as it may seem – and let’s go!


For a holiday that won’t have you living on bread and water at the end of the month, pick Lviv. And yes, this includes enjoying great coffee and Ukrainian delicacies in cosy cafes, which abound in Lviv. The city is full of charm and history and becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination, so get there before it’s on everyone’s bucket list.

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If you like cars, no, if you have ever seen a car, Stuttgart must be on your radar. With two famous carmakers – Mercedes Benz and Porsche – proudly displaying their best creations in their own museums, we’ll be surprised if you don’t leave with a burning desire to get new wheels. If that’s not within you budget right now, make your way to Königstraße for some serious retail therapy.

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Berlin is another springtime favourite of ours – you can spend days on end exploring the city that was once split into two by a wall. It’s a bike-friendly capital, and the weather is now warm enough to enjoy this perk and pedal around the best sights. From the Brandenburg Gate to one of Europe’s greatest zoos, Berlin has got it all to please the pickiest visitor.

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Barcelona an epic year-rounder, so do not expect to find this city clouded in a sleepy mist. If you do a bit of prepping and book entry tickets to the best sights of Gaudi’s city in advance, you’ll skip the queues and have an amazing time. Plus, if you’re down to work up a sweat to get breath-taking views in return, Montserrat is just a short train ride away from Barcelona.

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Tel Aviv

If you’d rather skip spring altogether and jump straight into summer, Tel Aviv is your best bet. Sunscreen will definitely come in handy here, as the air can warm up to +27 degrees Celsius, with quite a slim chance of clouds or showers. Speaking of something slim, Middle Eastern cuisine is insanely delicious and quite rich, thus your waistline might need recovery once you’re back from your holiday.

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