6 Best Places to Visit in March

The first month of spring is great – the weather is getting warmer, and days are increasingly longer, giving you faith that summer is just around the corner. Yet, when you look around, there is room for improvement, what with the piles of dirt-coloured snow in the streets, trees without a speck of green, and passers-by still clad in winter apparel. So let’s get you someplace for a healthy dose of inspiration.

Abu Dhabi

The splendour and riches of Abu Dhabi are almost otherworldly, and we all deserve to enjoy a few days showered in luxury, don’t we? This city will make you forget all your daily struggles and let you focus on the sun, the beach, and trying to keep your mouth from hanging open in wonder, when you get to see the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque or Emirates Palace up close.

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Not quite ready for sweltering weather, but a bit of sun wouldn’t go amiss? Try Larnaca! It’s not beach season there yet, so you can turn your attention to another Cyprian marvel: Meze. It’s is basically a sampling menu of the highlights of the local cuisine. The plates may be small, but there will be heaps, so you will be huffing and puffing once you’ve finished the last bit; don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Tel Aviv

Come May, and Tel Aviv will be run a Eurovision fever, so don’t hesitate and get your vitamin D fix now.  Starting from mid-March and onwards, the temperatures can reach 24 *C, which is simply ideal to warm you through and through. And in case it gets too sweaty, surprise the locals and head for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea: 18 degrees, that’s quite warm, right?

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Georgian hospitality is known far and wide, while their ski resorts still remain a bit of an undiscovered gem. But they are absolutely great! Imagine going to grandma’s house where you are pampered and served delicious meals, plus a shot of chacha as an après-ski treat. And, what’s more, you get to hit the slopes and burn off lunchtime calories at a very affordable price.

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Berlin is a great destination for anyone, but especially loved by history buffs. A few days won’t be enough to absorb everything, but that is ok; just start somewhere and know that you can come back again and again. When the buzz gets too much, go straight to Tiergarten and wander around the vast territories of the park to clear your head.


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