5 great things to do in Palanga

Take a quick break and imagine your dream vacation. What do you see first? Without a doubt, it’s a golden beach by the sea. What if we add the invigorating air of pine forests and lazy days with a loved one, your family, children or a company of good friends? All of this and much more is waiting for you in the largest resort town in Lithuania – Palanga.


  1. See, feel, and touch
  2. Get around and get stronger
  3. Make children happy
  4. Relax and regain your strength
  5. Spice for your holidays



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1. See, feel, and touch

Birute Park

A comfortable vacation in Palanga is unimaginable without the sea, but that is not it; a walk in Birute Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Northern Europe, is part and parcel of the holiday experience. This resort area, justly called the pearl of Palanga, was created by the famous French architect Édouard François André at the end of the 19th century. In the summer, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights the Palanga orchestra plays free concerts for the residents and guests of the town in the park’s rotunda, and brass music fans gather there to listen.




Palanga Amber Museum

The Tiškevičiai Palace was built in 1897 for the Tyszkiewicz family, and it was designed by the German architect Franz Heinrich Schwechten (1841-1924). It is a Neo-classical building with Renaissance, Baroque and Classical style elements.

The Amber Museum settled in the majestic palace at the heart of Birute Park in 1963 and is one of the most visited sights in the whole country. The museum has one of the world’s largest collections of amber inclusions and uniques, and it offers various educational programmes for the whole family.


Palanga Amber Museum

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2. Get around and get stronger

Bicycle Paradise

Cyclists will undoubtedly confirm that one of the best ways to get to know the Baltic Sea coast is on a bicycle. Palanga deserves to be called a cyclists’ paradise as several coastal cycling routes lead straight through this resort town. You can easily ride to the north and discover Šventoji, or make a day trip to the neighbouring country Latvia.

If you turn south from Palanga, you will find yourself in the adjoining port city Klaipeda. On your way, visit the Seaside Regional Park, the old Karklė cemetery, amber trapping places, and admire the Dutchman’s Cap, the highest coastal bluff in Lithuania.

The impressive Curonian Spit – one of the treasures of the UNESCO‘s World Heritage List – is also at a cycling distance.




3. Make children happy

Oasis of Joy – Children’s Park

The Children’s Park is located in a peaceful area, surrounded by pine trees, near a bike path and just off the sea; plus, free Wi-Fi is available in the territory of the park. Various events for children are organized during the summer, and the little ones can always tame their hunger in the nearby children’s café. In the summer, visitors are welcome to the park every day from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.




Palanga Fairy Tale Park

Have you heard about a Lithuanian fairy tale park in Palanga where fairy tales can be read, seen, felt and heard? The park is scattered with many unconventional sculptures, each of them equipped with an informative plaque, and you can read the fairy tale, or press the button to hear it read out to you in Lithuanian or English.


Palanga fairytales park

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4. Relax and regain your strength

Where to regain strength?

Palanga was well known as a health resort in the interwar period. The natural healing properties of this resort – iodine-rich air, fresh pine wood aroma, mineral water wells, and salty sea water – are recognized by many Lithuanian and international medical experts.

Today many health centres and sanatoriums abound in Palanga, which offer a variety of medical and restorative procedures to boost your health.


Palanga Amber Museum

Photo on Health centre Energetikas



5. Spice for your holidays

Where to eat?

In order to call your holiday in Palanga impeccable, the sea, nature and entertainment are not enough; you need the perfect spice that you can find at the cafes and restaurants of the resort. Are you food-savvy? We are absolutely convinced that having enjoyed the cuisine of different nations in Palanga, food will take on a completely new meaning for you.

Perhaps you are a gourmet? Great – dishes by the best cooks adapted to any taste are waiting for you.


Restoranas Žuvinė Palanga

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A delicious meal in Palanga is available pretty much everywhere – in restaurants surrounded by pine forests, or in one of the many cafés in the bustling J. Basanavičius street.



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