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Our airline is more than just taking passengers from point A to B. More than a thousand local and international professionals. More than 400 high-tech positions. More smoothness and more safety while taking you to the places you need the most.

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Top 6 trending travel destinations for 2024

It`s never too early to start planning your next travels with your family and friends. Holidays with them can provide you with some great lifelong memories. A family getaway, a romantic trip, or long weekend with friends can strengthen important bonds. Whether it’s a quick weekend break or a week-long vacation, our list of the top trending destinations for 2024 is a good place to start. From gems in Slovenia to Albania and North Macedonia, these are some of the world's most interesting and trending travel destinations right now. Whether you want new adventures or simply to relax, this year's emerging travel destinations promise a blend of authenticity, natural wonders, and cultural immersion. Ljubljana, Slovenia Why travellers love Ljubljana What to do in Ljubljana What to eat in Ljubljana Chisinau, Moldova Why travellers love Chisinau What to do in Chisinau What to eat in Chisinau Pristina, Kosovo Why travellers love Pristina What to do in Pristina What to eat in Pristina Skopje, North Macedonia Why travellers love Skopje What to do in Skopje What to eat in Skopje Sofia, Bulgaria Why travellers love Sofia What to do in Sofia What to eat in Sofia Tirana, Albania Why travellers love Tirana What to do in Tirana What to eat in Tirana    

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