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Our airline is more than just taking passengers from point A to B. More than a thousand local and international professionals. More than 400 high-tech positions. More smoothness and more safety while taking you to the places you need the most.

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Baku: a truly unique vacation spot

Baku is known for its natural beauty and proximity to the¬†Caspian Sea.¬†With its beautiful coastline, the capital of Azerbaijan is the largest city on the shores of this sea and offers a unique blend of the East and West. Vibrant and hospitable, Baku is like an ornate treasure box filled with charming historical sites, world-class art, the rich flavours of the Caucasus region, a wide selection of resorts, and astonishing natural wonders. Not sure what to do there? Here are some suggestions for a trip to Baku. Enjoy sunbathing and swimming Take an evening stroll Taste Caucasian flavours Appreciate visionary architecture Discover the culture of ornate carpets Zig-zag through the ancient streets Collect artistic impressions Head to the mud volcanoes and fire hills   Book flights to Baku    

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