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Our airline is more than just taking passengers from point A to B. More than a thousand local and international professionals. More than 400 high-tech positions. More smoothness and more safety while taking you to the places you need the most.

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Discover the beauty and mystery of Armenia

If you want to experience six climate zones and environments in one trip – from semi-desert to forest, from steppe to alpine – but have little time, welcome to Armenia! Here, on the border of Asia and Europe, high in the mountains above an altitude of 1000 metres, you’ll meet a fascinating cocktail of history, nature, flavours, and emotions. We offer a few highlights you won’t want to miss during a trip to this earthly paradise. See Mount Ararat from above Meet the ancient world Enjoy the musical fountains Get closer to the stars Explore grand sites Relax with wine after hiking Indulge in the mineral waters Spend a day at Lake Sevan   Book flights to Yerevan    

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