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Our airline is more than just taking passengers from point A to B. More than a thousand local and international professionals. More than 400 high-tech positions. More smoothness and more safety while taking you to the places you need the most.

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10 great reasons to visit the paradise island of Madeira

In the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira is Portugal's enchanting volcanic island that dazzles visitors with dramatic landscapes, vibrant colours, and year-round Atlantic warmth; it truly lives up to its nickname of Paradise Island. Here are ten reasons why Madeira is aptly called the Island of Paradise. Breathtaking scenery and natural treasures Beautiful beaches and natural pools Perfect weather all year round Endless outdoor adventures and activities Culinary delights from both land and sea Unique flora and fauna Rich cultural heritage Charming villages and towns Warm and welcoming people Easy access to island beauty   Book flights to Madeira    

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